Guide to High Ticket Selling Online

For many affiliate marketers the lure of focusing on high ticket products online is increasing. The idea of a less frequent, but big payday, raking in hundreds or even thousands of dollars a sale can give affiliate marketing a bit more excitement.

There are some things to bear in mind though. More expensive items are likely to be either luxury items, high cost technology or high end business products. In all of these cases expect the buyer to be more discerning.

I have found plenty of high ticket products paying out commissions ranging from $250 up to $1,000 and the great thing with these is you can create some very tight niches and really target your marketing efforts.

Finding products with commissions higher than $1,000 is a bit more difficult.  Bu they are out there. I know of one watch that sells online for more than $250,000 and pays out an affiliate commission of 7% – that’s more that $15,000 commission.

While Jewellery is an obvious high ticket choice for big commissions, Other typical luxury products such as cars, yachts and private planes are not readily available for online sales, But it is possible to find yacht and boat charter and executive jet hire sites that have affiliate programs.

For those worried about the effects of the recession, that seems to be over, Get Updated Internet Marketing  reports at   that internet searches for foreign holidays, luxury goods, and other expensive products and items have sharply risen on Google,

There are three important things to remember when selling high ticket items.

  1. Do your market research. How many websites are there selling your high ticket product. How many people are searching for the product on the search engines. Take care deciding which hight ticket affiliate products to promote.
  2. It is really worth taking extra effort creating your landing page to maximise SEO for the key words and key phrases you choose.
  3. The design and layour of your website are important to the more discerning on line customer so take care with site design. Try using a template from a site like

There is a bonus to all this. Learning and application of good practise in marketing high value affiliate products will rub off on your other Internet marketing endeavours as well.

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Craig Summer is an Internet Marketer and Publisher.

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