Key West, Florida: Romantic Weekend Getaway

Key West is the key to an ultimate romantic weekend getaway. Located at the southernmost part of Florida, it is the perfect venue for couples who want to break free from their everyday lives.

Although you can fly straight to Key West International Airport, choose Miami as a landing destination instead and begin your weekend getaway with a romantic drive along the US1 (nicknamed The Overseas Highway) over the vast waters. The drive gives you impeccable views of the ocean, and the wide variety of hotels, seafood restaurants, dive shops and boats that serve as a preview of how much of an amazing trip you are about to have.

Couples often prefer a quiet getaway for a romantic weekend. Make the most of each other’s company by spending the whole day at the beach, lying on the sand or swinging on a hammock with good food and good drinks. You can also take the seventy-mile ferry or chartered plane ride to the island of Dry Tortugas for an extraordinary diving experience, or simply enjoy the cool breeze brushing up your hair on a cruise ship. Spend some quality time walking around Key West. Enjoy strolling the palm tree-infested streets holding each other’s hands and watch the very eventful sunset.

Spend your romantic weekend at the luxurious Marquesa Hotel right in the center of the historic district. Just in the same street, the Eden House offers the same historic atmosphere with a more affordable rate. One of the essentials of romantic weekend getaways is to linger over local cuisine. On Duval Street, you will find many of Key West’s top restaurants for your romantic dining. On this strip, restaurants have an area with porches where you can just watch the world go by over a sumptuous meal and a glass of wine. Being surrounded by water, these restaurants serve seafood as their specialty, served, of course, in many different ways. If you want your fish raw, the Japanese Origami is highly recommended. Other top picks include the Seven Fish and Bagatelle for those who prefer their fish cooked. Also, you should try Key West’s long time favorite, Sloppy Joe.

If you are the party type of couple, on the other hand, you can take your romantic weekend getaway to Key West during the spring break and in November where fun is spread throughout the island. During the spring break, resorts and bars throw parties and promise everyone in attendance a good time. November activities, on the other hand, include the Halloween costume parties and the Key West Power Boat Race. Water sport enthusiasts fly in to Key West every year to witness this event.

Key West is said to be the haven of writers. Authors get inspired by the beauty of the island. Since the mood for this particular weekend getaway is romantic, visit the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum and explore the very walls where Ernest Hemingway wrote his emotional novels. Those fascinated to the underwater can have a self- or guided-tour at the Key West Aquarium, which features diverse exhibits of sea life in the Florida waters. Check the Aquarium’s daily schedule for feeding if you wish to have a close encounter with the sharks.

Whether you want it quiet and private or loud and wild, Key West has something for you to break loose from the routine. It is the jaunt perfect for couples who wish to unwind and relish a romantic weekend getaway.

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Ernest Hemingway's house- Key West, FL.
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