How to Find the Best Car Rental Deals

The best car rental deals are not always easy to find, and without some tool to help you find them a search for the very best car hire prices can be almost impossible to find. When you are looking for car hire you generally don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it, yet unless you visit lots of different websites it is often very difficult to find the best car rental service to meet your needs. How cool and helpful would it be to use a car rental tool that could find you the best deal available to meet your needs and that could also compare car hire with train prices for your journey.

Advance Car Rental is Cheaper

You will usually get a cheaper price if you book your car in advance, and different car rental firms offer different discount packages for advance car rental bookings and also for specific reasons for renting the car. For example, the longer the rental period the less expensive your car rental price will be, and charges can vary significantly according to how clean your license is, if you are a family or just a couple and the type of insurance package you want.

Sure, there are car hire comparison sites, but these can be limited in what they are comparing, and are unlikely to help you find the best car rental deals for your specific needs. Maybe you want a family car that has to seat six, or luxury salon or even a small mini. Perhaps you must have GPS, and what if you want to collect your car from Miami Airport and drop it off 5 days later at La Guardia in New York?

The Need for Price Comparisons

It would be extremely useful to be able to enter all of these variables, plus more, into a search engine and be provided with a list of suitable car rental vehicles. You could compare prices by changing the type of car and perhaps your collection and drop-off points need not be fixed – what different does that make to the car hire price?

How easy is it to hunt across a wide range of car hire networks? In more than one country? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to arrange the best possible deal in advance and tailor your car and train journeys to exactly meet your needs anywhere in the world? Just imaging the benefit of being able to book your car rental in the USA or even South Africa for your vacation or business trip in the UK or Australia and get the best possible deal in that country!

It is not easy to achieve that, and most people either book their car rental in advance but pay high prices, or leave it till they arrive at the airport and pay the walk-in prices that even Budget charge, let alone Avis or Hertz – and still have no idea whether or not rail travel would be better for them in the long run.

Smart Traveling: Combine Car Rental and Rail Travel

Smart traveling involves keeping your transport costs to a minimum, either by getting the best car rental deals or by using alternative modes of transport where they are available and cheaper. Nobody likes using buses for vacation or business travel, but trains are perfectly acceptable, and being able to find the best and least expensive train prices is just as important as getting cheap car rental prices.

Why do more countries not offer a service that enables you to compare train prices with self-drive car rental? You can often be more comfortable in a train than facing the problems of driving in strange places and sometimes in terrible weather. You hardly feel relaxed at the end of your journey while a train can give all the rest you need – just like a plane on rails! You can relax, read or work, or even enjoy watching the countryside going past.

However, just as it is often difficult to find the best car rental deals, it is also frequently just as difficult to get the best train prices. Rail travel can be costly, just as car rental can be, and wouldn’t it be good if you could compare the available car rental prices with each other and with the cost of alternative rail travel?

The Best Travel Solution

By booking your car rental in advance and also your train tickets at the same time, you can combine the best of each mode of travel. By being able to compare each and find the best car rental deals and also the cheapest rail prices for your preferred class of travel, you would be able to make an informed decision and end up with the best possible travel solution for yourself and others, whether you are on business or vacation.

It is possible to do this, and by checking out a number of different car hire firms in your destination country you can get a reasonably good idea of what the best car rental deals may be. By calling up the rail network operators you may be able to make a comparison and likely end up with the best travel arrangements to suit your purpose.

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