Why Is My Internet Explorer So Slow? Find Out Here!

Have you been asking yourself, why is my internet explorer so slow? Your connection is fine, yet internet explorer seems to take forever to process information and load pages. This is actually a much more common problem than you may think. Before you toss your computer into the garbage can, why not try to speed up internet explorer the easy way?

The most likely cause of IE being slow is a computer that has not been properly maintained. The problem with most computer users is that they spend all of this money on upgrading and buying new equipment, yet spend nothing to properly maintain it. When the CPU becomes sluggish we simply ask “why is my internet explorer slow” and then go buy a new computer. Well this will make the computer stores very happy. But what if I let you in on a little secret? You can turbo charge your existing computer right now so it runs like it is brand new.

What you need to do is run a full system scan and diagnosis. I promise there are lots of troubled areas of your computer that can be cleaned up and optimized. Lets start with the Windows registry.

The Windows registry is the most important area of your computer. It contains information to run all software and hardware, including Internet Explorer. Yet it is filled with errors, corrupt files, and redundant programs that are doing nothing but taking up space and slowing everything down. Windows does not have an internal tool to clean this up. To speed up internet explorer, the first thing you can do is clean up all the junk out of the registry.

I personally use a program that does this and so much more. It will also remove all the hidden programs running in the background and taking up valuable RAM. This program will perform a diagnosis in your entire computer and provide solutions to make your computer run faster.

So stop asking the question “Why is my Internet Explorer so slow?” Simply scan your computer for free and start speeding it up.

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Jim Marshall is a computer technician expert with over 15 years in the industry. He has an intimate knowledge of the windows registry and various register repair software. After testing some of the top registry cleaners on the market, he has created a comprehensive review site that details his findings.


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