Who is Calling My Cell Phone?

If you have a cell phone (and you probably do) that question of who is calling my cell phone has probably rushed across your mind like a herd of buffaloes. It can just about make your eyes bug out sometimes. You only see digits (“no name”, etc.) when someone calls your cell phone, unless you’ve already programmed the number into your address book. The identification of a phone number you’ve never seen before is totally worthless?

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, if you think your child is sneaking around with someone behind your back, if you’re being pranked or if you just want to know who is calling my cell phone, To get answers, you may be tempted to hire a private investigator.

One of the bad things about hiring a private investigator is that you are essentially going to be paying this person three times what is necessary. First, you’re going to be paying because they know WHERE to get the information you need. Second, you’ll end up paying a fee to cover ACCESS of the databases. Third, you’ll pay for the TIME they spent working on your case.

With out getting into the nitty-gritty detail of, Enhanced Caller ID (on Landlines ), Feature bundling, CNAP, Cost of service delivery, etc., you just want to know who is calling my cell phone. So, how do you go about finding who is calling my cell phone?

Your first stop should be a free reverse phone number directory. Plenty of them are available on the Internet. At the site, you’ll enter the entire number including the area code and hit “Search.” If the number is a published land line, you should get the information you want, including the name of the owner and the entire address of the owner.

If you’re lucky enough to get results, then your search can stop there. In most cases, you’ll need to try a slightly different approach.

While a reverse cell phone lookup can be beneficial in many ways, to really reap the benefits, you need to select a service to use carefully. Free reverse phone lookup services will provide you the information you need, but they aren’t good for anything other than landline numbers. You won’t be able to find out anything about cell phone or unlisted numbers, and that leaves out lots of possibilities.

Usually, the reason you’ll run into problems is that the number belongs to a cell phone. Because there is no central database of cell phone numbers, free reverse phone directories cannot return information on those numbers. You also won’t be able to get information on landline numbers that are unlisted or non-published.

Don’t bother trying multiple reverse phone directories in order to find the owner of a phone number, either. Most use the same databases, so if you don’t score results at one then you won’t fare any better at another site.

Instead, you may have to use a paid site. If you want to determine the source of a harassing (“prank”) caller, Investigate a “suspicious” number that was found on a lover’s phone, Research a number that appeared on a phone bill, Find the address of an old friend from high school or college, Research unrecognized numbers from the caller ID or Lookup someone’s exact address for a reasonable fee, you can access all of the information you need about the owner of a phone number.

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