What is the Best Software to Learn Chinese Language

This is a theoretical analysis and reviews of the best Chinese learning software. Here I try to find out the best Chinese learning software and answer the question by asking:
1. What is the best way to learn Chinese language?
2. What are the differences between learning Chinese and other languages?

What is the best way to learn Chinese?

There are 4 proved, most effective & most important modern language learning techniques or principals which also work on learning Chinese language.

a) Listening & Instant Speaking.

Are there any people learn a language only by watch TV without speaking. No, there are not. If you only practice your listening, you can only learn listening. And the separated practice of listening and speaking is proved to be very inefficient. And it’s the same as reading & writing. There is no such good software can improve your Chinese listening and speaking skills at the same time, except for a software called SuperChinese.

b) Language / Chinese Immersion

Language / Chinese Immersion means the learner is surrounded in the language and directly learn the target language. For example, when you use the SuperChinese software, you learn Chinese language by directly using it, you do not learn from the translation or interpretation. By contrast many software learning application just give you a translation, what you remember is the translation, not the source language / Chinese.

c) Practical & Simple Language is a tool.

If we cannot use it in your work & in your life, what’s point of the learning? The useless practice will exhaust our memory, time & energy, so good designed Chinese learning software should tell us the most useful & the most practical contents in the very beginning.

d) Real-life, Close to reality

According to the modern language learning theory, the closer to reality when you practice the language, the better when you use it. Good Chinese language learning software should simulate reality to help practice your language skill. It means not only to show you some real-life pictures or designed like a role playing game, but also to make you to listen, speak, read and write.
As mentioned above, the only software for Chinese learning that meets the above requirements is the application SuperChinese – Learn Chinese in 3 day.

What is the difference between learning Chinese and other language?

If you want to listen, speak, read and write like a native Chinese speaker, Chinese is difficult, the same as other languages. If you do not use the most effective way and the best software to learn Chinese at the beginning, it may cause to waste a few years time. We should choose good software according to the specialties of the Chinese language.

a) Chinese mandarin has a unique pronunciation system & tone system

The Chinese pronunciation system is called Chinese Pinyin. Without suitable pronunciation & tone training one’s Chinese language skill is defective and disabled. We can hardly believe that there are so many Chinese learning programs without any Chinese pronunciation & tone training function. Or they separate this function into different software. These 2 important training functions are integrated into SuperChinese software and free.

b) Characters in Chinese language have meanings.

Not like letters in English, every Chinese character has meanings. The learners need to understand and memorize the meanings and the pronunciation of the character. If not, it’s quite easy to forget. There is a vocabulary or dictionary function in SuperChinese learning program, which help you to do that.

c) The Chinese unique writing system.

Chinese characters are shapes and drawings. It may be very difficult at the beginning to learn them if not using good software. It’s an important advice from experienced learners of the Chinese language that you should learn Chinese characters at the beginning but do not killing yourself to memorize characters. There are many funny and easy way to learn Chinese characters. You can try the Chinese characters writing animation function in the SuperChinese application.
SuperChinese software is the only application that taken all these techniques, principals and language specialties into account. Conclusion: SuperChinese is the best Chinese learning software.
Now what do you think? Want it? SuperChinese is a trial software. You can download online and try it for free.
Download the best Chinese learning software:
(It supports all windows and will support Mac system soon.)
And there many free Chinese learning resources and tools in their blog. Something like Chinese Pinyin Converter: http://www.words-chinese.com/pinyin-converter

SuperChinese’s Features and Highlights:

1. Directly Practice Your Speaking. This good designed make you to speak Chinese. The computer can pick up what you say and will give scores to your pronunciations.
2. Integrated Chinese Dictionary for every Characters and Chinese words.
3. Animations of Writing Chinese Characters. Help you to easily learn the Chinese characters.
4. Voices from a male and a female Native Speakers. You can choose one of them.
5. Thousands of Beautiful Images. It makes you not to get bored.
6. Effective Chinese Pinyin/Tone training. Learn and practice your Chinese pronunciation.
7. It can export the sound files into your mp3 player.
8. Record your sound and then play out, and check your pronunciations.
9. Beautiful and simple interface.
The price of SuperChinese is 49.95 USD, and you will get 60 days 100% money back guarantee after purchase.

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there many free Chinese learning resources and tools in their blog. Something like Chinese Pinyin Converter: http://www.words-chinese.com/pinyin-converter

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