Verizon Reverse Cell Phone Directory – How To Look Up Cell Phone Numbers Owned By Verizon

If you are trying to identify a certain cell phone user whose phone company happens to be Verizon, you can try to get on the website of Verizon.  But, when you do, what you will find is the Verizon’s telephone directory is only capable of providing personal information for landline numbers.  So, if the number you are searching happens to be a listed landline number, you’ll be all set.  But, if the number you are searching is a wireless number, you’ll have to take your search elsewhere.

So, if Verizon doesn’t actually have it’s own directory that is available to the public, what are your options?  There are site now available online that can actually locate the owner information behind both mobile and unlisted numbers.  This includes name, address, map location of the address, wireless carrier, and previous owners of that particular phone number.  

The only down side is that these sites charge a small fee for the results of these searches.  Why?  The reason is because wireless carriers, like Verizon, have now begun to sell the information maintained in their databases to these sites.  So, when these sites turn around and offer this information to the public, they have to pass on the charge.  Fortunately, the charge is fairly small and within almost anyone’s means.  

The upside to the wireless carriers directly providing this data to the online reverse directories is that you can be sure that the results you’ll receive are both accurate and up to date.  The most reputable sites also offer the option to get your money back if you are not completely satisfied.  They operate available customer service departments that are responsive to questions or problems, and also offer the ability to do a free search to make sure the number you are looking for is maintained in their database.  

So, in the end, when looking for a Verizon reverse cell phone directory, it really doesn’t matter which mobile phone carrier the wireless number you are searching belongs to.  None of the carriers offer their own publicly available directory.  But, the best online  reverse cell phone directories offer information behind every major wireless carrier.  All you have to do is enter the phone number into a search bar within the website and you will be instantly notified whether that number exists in their database.  If it does, you will know where the number is located and can then make your decision whether to purchase the results.

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