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In large homes or houses without a heating system, portable heaters are useful for keeping small spaces warm. Instead of providing heat to the entire house, the homeowner can use a heater in a single room. Not only do these appliances save energy and money, but they also disperse warm air more quickly than larger systems.

There are many different choices in portable heaters. There is a wide range available, and the most expensive is not necessarily the best option. They come in many different styles, and some even use different methods in order to provide heat. A buyer can make the right purchase by carefully weighing their options before picking an appliance.

Important Options

All portable heaters for indoor use are electric. Heaters that use other types of fuel must be connected to vents, so they cannot be moved. One of the benefits of purchasing an electric heater is that it can be placed in any area with an outlet. Some models are designed to imitate wood-burning stoves and combustion heaters.

There are several different ways an electric heater can disperse heat. Many have fans that blow air over hot coils and out into the room. These are great for providing heat to the whole room all at once. Others radiate warmth from the unit in the direction it is facing. The user has to stay close to this kind of heater, because the heat is concentrated in a small area. This kind of heater is best suited to garages or other spaces that are too large to warm, but are in need of some heat.

Some models have extra features that are meant to help keep the room warm or expand functionality. Many use thermostats that allow the user to control the amount of heat given off by the heater. Special units that already use ventilation systems offer air-filtering options. This feature can prevent the heater from burning dust or hair that collects in the coils. This also cleans the air as it warms and leaves the room smelling fresh.

When choosing a space heater, safety is most important. Many models have safety mechanisms that prevent burns and fires. A tip-over switch detects when the space heater has been knocked over and automatically turns it off. Similar switches can cool the coils when they are touched or cut power to the entire unit when it is being covered by something.

The Best Portable Heaters

A good portable heater does not need all of the options available above, but it may be wise to make a list of the most desirable options before making a decision. There are a lot of quality space heaters in the market, so take the time to narrow down the field before going shopping.

Homeowners who are looking for a large heater should look into a model like the DeLonghi SafeHeat. At around $200, it provides even heat for a larger space without being bulky. It evens has safety features and splash resistance for use in the bathroom. This heater is capable of warming your room while reducing your electric bill.

Electric stoves like the Newair AH-510E Electric Fireplace Heater start at the same price and provide heat, but add the charm of a fireplace. This model has a timer and the coils glow like little flames. Although it may not be as portable as some other electric options, a fireplace heater can be moved more easily than vented stoves.

For a smaller, cheaper option, try the World Marketing Electric Convection Heater. It heats quickly and provides variable control of the temperature and fan. It also has a tip-over switch. This little heater even comes in under $30.

Those looking to add an attractive but expensive heater to their home should consider the Honeywell HZ519 Digital Low Profile Silent Comfort Heater. It is a long, slender unit that sits low to the ground and silently heats the room. It features a digital thermostat, a timer that allows for automatic shut-off, and several safety switches. At $1000, this unit has just about everything one could wish for in a heater.

Although these heaters have different prices and options, they can all help comfortably warm any space during the winter. The best part is that they are all completely portable, so they can be moved from one room to another. Just remember to never leave them on and unattended.

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