Thermal Night Vision Goggles – Best Infrared Night Vision Equipment

There are a lot of different night vision goggles for anyone to choose from, that have been made for land use. Plenty of manufacturers that make night vision goggles produce only thermal versions. In this article I will talk a bit about some thermal night vision goggles that can be purchased.


TAG-7 is one of the best thermal night vision goggles available to buy, and the price isn’t really that high. 2 AA batteries is all that is needed for it to work, and the head strap that is used to attach it makes sure that the hands are free at all times.

Even though the power source consists of AA batteries, the TAG-7 give you a very good image in night conditions without shade or light. The small weight and size are other good attributes of this gadget, making them easy to wear in any conditions.

ATN Otis-G7

Another thermal night vision goggle is the ATN Otis-G7, which is designed so it can be put on a helmet or carried in hand. You can even connect it to video if you want to.

They are designed in such a way that they offer the owner a great image that is clear of any interference. They will detect any changes in heat constantly, taking into consideration the wearer’s body heat.

These goggles are designed so they offer the best image quality, and they are even used by law enforcement agencies, fire fighters and other official agencies.

Thermal night vision goggles capture from the infra red light spectrum the upper part. Objects emit it through their heat, so they don’t need to rely on what light objects reflect. Objects give more light the hotter they are. A wall or a tree will emit much less infra red light than a human body would.

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