The light of the green laser pointers is the brightest among all colors

In the light spectrum, green happens to be the brightest of colors that can be recognized by the human eye. This is the basic reason for even a 5mw laser beam of green laser pointers to be visible at night, in dark and even in smoke. But many laser enthusiasts are very keen to increase this strength of the beam of the green laser pointers by modifying it.

In order to modify the green laser pointers, you need to unscrew the end cap of your laser in order to carefully remove the batteries, which are the power source. Next, just remove the green diode and the green laser crystal from the case. Now heat this crystal of the green laser pointers until you see a visible change in the crystal. After heating it, mold it into an oval shape. Now place a diode in the laser shell, and replace the batteries and fix the end cap. Now turn on your green laser pointers to check if the output has increased. The change will be noticeable in case the output has increased drastically.

You can take out the green diode from the shells of inexpensive green laser pointers but it is difficult to do so in the case of high quality green laser pointers. This has been done intentionally by the manufacturers in order to ensure that the diode stays in its solid state so that there is no effect on its durability. If you find it difficult to remove the green diode from the green laser pointers, it is always advisable to get help from a professional. Also, modifying the laser intensity of green laser pointers involves heating. For safety purpose, it is recommended to use goggles and hand gloves.

The procedure for the modification should be followed properly. Or else, it may ruin the green laser pointers. In some cases it may happen that even after following the steps for modification, the green laser pointers do not produce the desired output. Not only this, the green laser pointers may stop functioning too. In order to avoid this, it is best to get the task done by a professional. Or else, you can simply buy a high quality green laser pointer. If you do not wish to spend extra money, you can always buy green laser pointers with 5mw of power, and then modify them. But in case your laser is already strong, then you must avoid modifying it because it may lead to temporary or permanent damage.

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