The Best Free Virus Fix on Computer!

It’s really annoying when you just can’t finish a task on time because of your PC’s very low performance. Then you’ve decided to try restarting it only to notice that the boot-up seems to take a lifetime! You might also want to take a second look on your files for some might be deleted. Some programs won’t run anymore, and sometimes, your hard disk drive is reformatted without your intention! Those are just a few headaches a virus infection gives you; not to mention the cost of having a repairman to help you out. Don’t worry too much, there’s a free virus fix on computers you can do.

A pc gets infected by viruses, ad ware, spy ware, keyloggers, Trojan horses and privacy invasions through the internet, from computers of the same network, removable media or even in e-mails. Virus can disguise as e-mail attachments that replicates itself by sending the same infected e-mail to the people in your address book. The viruses rapidly multiplies itself and consumes a big space in your computer’s memory causing it to slow down or worse, crash. It’s like germs that only aim to destroy your computer’s normal functionality. When caught to such stressful situation, here’s a free virus fix on computers you can try:

1) As soon as you see that your computer is acting weird or slowing down, you can choose to do system restore and use a previous date where there still has no abnormalities in your computer.

2) Remove all its connections to any network and the Internet to make sure that the virus won’t be able to spread towards other computers.

3) Get an anti-virus program. The top anti-virus downloads that are free virus fix on computers are Grisoft AVG Anti-Virus and Avast, both available and free of charge to home users. Then run a full system scan. After the scan, you might be prompted to restart the computer. Once you restart it, run a scan again to be sure that the virus has been totally removed.

4) If the anti-virus program can only detect the viruses but won’t be able to remove them, try downloading a different program using a non-infected computer.

5) You can also make a backup of all data you can’t afford to lose then reinstall the whole operating system.

6) Run a registry cleaner afterwards.

Take note of the provided free virus fix on computers. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, prevention is still better than cure. So take note of a few precautions to make sure that you can never have headaches fixing your computer later. After installing your computer’s operating system, install reliable anti-virus software abruptly. Then make sure that the anti virus is updated, and perform a scan on a daily basis. For every removable medium you connect to your computer, never regret to perform a scan.

When an email from an unknown sender is received, do not open it. That may contain viruses that will automatically scatter on your system as soon as you open or download the attachments, if there’s any. Download firewall programs that can help secure your computer. Do regular backups of your data, in case you might encounter systems errors due to virus infections. Moreover, secure your local area connection. Check other workstations connected and make sure that nobody is infected. Be extra careful in downloading any software or files from the internet. But at times when you won’t be able to escape, just remember the free virus fix on computers cited above.

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