Test and keep a Dell XPS M1530. This is how you can get a free laptop

Do you want a free laptop? You can get a free Dell XPS M1530 simply by taking part in easy and fun beta testing programs while never having to leave your home. I will show you how you too could have your own laptop without spending a single cent by taking part in testing programs such as THIS ONE.

Beta testing is big business and since the software manufacturers don’t want to launch faulty products or applications that are too hard to use by the general public they employ an army of beta tester that get cool rewards for their participation in this kind of programs.

There are two kinds of beta testers: the professional engineers that check to see if there are no technical glitches and bugs with a certain application and the regular people that the software manufacturing companies rely on for testing whether or not an application is simple and intuitive enough to be used by the general public.

This is why the regular people that do beta testing don’t need any kind of special skills, references or previous experience: because the manufacturer just wants to see if everyone and their mom can use a certain application.

As a reward for their services, the testers don’t get paid in cash but get to keep the laptop they’ve just used for testing free for free. The best thing about these kinds of programs is the fact that, as I’ve said before, you won’t need previous experience or special education in order to participate. The companies want to get feedback from regular people and not from software engineers. And testing won’t interfere in any way with your daily schedule or your day job as you will only have to use the application only when you need it.

If you don’t want to let this opportunity fly by then I strongly suggest you hurry as spots get filled fast. You can find a good testing program by clicking HERE.

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