Surveillance and Anti Surveillance Equipment

The world can be a crazy place, with all different kinds of surveillance and anti surveillance
equipment out on the market today.

You don’t even have to be a movie star or a talk show host to be on TV everyday anymore.
What am I talking about? Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV- such as surveillance cameras
on street corners, shops, parking lots, businesses and everywhere else. Even places you
wouldn’t expect, such as nightclubs or apartment buildings, maybe even your own office and
home, can be recording your every move.

These hidden cameras are all over the place and are extremely easy to get a hold of
and install. There’s nothing illegal about it, that is unless you are on somebody else’s
private property or in certain public areas such as bathrooms. This kind of technology has a
lot of pros and cons, depending on whom you ask and which side of the equation they are

Surveillance equipment can help you protect your family, protect your home, keep your
business secrets safe and keep your employees in check. They can also help you to find out
the truth about a spouse who is possibly cheating or a mischievous neighbor, colleague or
relative. The point is, with the ever increasing power of this kind of spy gear, the world is at
your fingertips with all of the information you can see and keep from others.

With all of that said, that’s when you’re the one using these gear and using it for good
reason. But there are many other people out there who use their hidden cameras in worse
ways. They can be perverts peering into public bathrooms, changing rooms or even private
windows. Or they can be places of leisure who don’t warn you that there’s a camera around.
Even teenagers can get their hands on these devices to try to make other people look bad.

Take the Good, but Not the Bad: How to Find Hidden Surveillance Equipment

So now you must be worried, with all of the surveillance equipment out there that people can
be using in illicit ways. But you shouldn’t worry too much, because where there’s these
electronics, there is anti surveillance equipment. Both types are just as common and
powerful as each other, and using the right gear in the right situations can really save you a
lot of time and trouble.

There are ways to find hidden cameras without using counter spy devices. For example,
many hidden cameras are used behind mirrors. You can turn off the light and use a flash light
to try to see if there is anything there, but that is not always possible in public. You can also
use your fingertips against the surface of the mirror, and look for the reflection. Any gap in
where the reflection should be signals something is up, such as a two-sided mirror with
people watching on the other side. Even knocking on the mirror can give you an idea if you
know the sounds to listen for, but none of this is completely reliable.

But mirrors are just the beginning with all of the spy gear out there today. Clocks, paintings
on the wall, smoke alarms, anything and everything can be used to conceal a
wireless camera or a listening device. Even if you spent all day looking around for hidden
spy gear, you might still turn up empty handed. You can’t even blame yourself, pinhole spy
cameras and other small, wireless gear is extremely hard to detect when the person planting
it hid it well.

It might have seemed like you could detect all of that equipment being used against
you, but when you think about it, it’s just not that easy. The best way to combat spy
devices is with counter spy devices. If you think one type of such gear is being used against
you, get the corresponding counter surveillance equipment to detect it and weed it out.

If you think you are being watched by a hidden camera, you can use devices that pick up on
radio transmissions. Even trickier, you can get devices that pick up on small vibrations,
different kinds of signal being sent out, and so on. Some other types of anti spying
equipment can even interrupt the transmission signal or electrical strength of a wireless
camera, while others can tap you into the signal so you can see where it’s coming from. Of
course, you do need to take care that these devices don’t disrupt with other things you need,
like cell phones and wireless internet networks.

But why stop there, you should protect yourself along every possible dangerous front. You
can keep your telephone and fax lines safe with scramblers and tap nullifiers, even
devices that can be used to create radio noise in the background, disrupting the voice quality
of an attempted recording by an eavesdropper. You don’t have to have anything to hide to
want to keep your private business and personal matters just that – private and personal.

Some types of anti surveillance equipment can even perform a huge range of tasks, keeping
you safe on all fronts from one device. If you are really in need of protecting yourself, these
are the way to go and more than make up for their price with their effectiveness. No matter
where you live, and who you know and think you should trust, there is a vast amount of
surveillance and anti surveillance equipment today that can either protect you, or hurt you…
you make the choice.

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Three surveillance cameras on the corner of a building.
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