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As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, a new technological program for monitoring cellular phones has emerged. This new monitoring technology is called spy cell phone software. With the monitoring tools that are available on the internet today. A cellular device can be used for tracking purposes, call and text logs can be recorded; also the contact list can be accessed and active calls can be monitored in real time. Having access to these tools will allow a person or company to monitor an unfaithful spouse, misbehaving kids or an employee who is not following company policies.

There are several different programs available on the market today. Some of the common packages available are Flexispy, Mobile-spy, The spy phone.com, and spybubble.

The GPS tracking tool is very helpful when determining the location of the person who is being monitored. Once the location is determined the information can be uploaded to the internet or to a specified cellular device.

Another option is the call log and text message recording ability. When using this option the person monitoring the targeted device can record inbound and outbound call times, the date and length of the calls, and text messages that are sent and received. This option will come in quite handy when creating records for disciplinary measures or trying to catch a cheating spouse.

Accessing the targeted phones’ contact list can also be helpful when putting a name to a specific cell number that is being tracked.

Some of the packages available today have the ability to allow the person monitoring the targeted device to listen in on active calls in real time. These packages are more expensive than similar packages that do not offer the real time call listening functionality.

Most smart phones are compatible with the monitoring software available today. Some of the more popular devices are Iphone, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian. Check with the manufacturer prior to purchasing the software in order to make sure the cellular device is compatible.

When considering what spy cell phone software to purchase. Price, available features, and model support are three things that should be considered. A review of all the available programs is recommended before obtaining the package that will best suit a person or companies needs.

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