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The computer can be a very useful device especially when used properly. It is used to connect to the Internet to conduct research, communicate with other people, pay bills and more. So having a slow computer can become a real problem especially when you are using the computer 24/7. So when this happens you need to find ways on how to speed up PC completely free. But before that you should know first the reasons why the computer slows down.

1. It can be infected with a virus. By browsing malicious websites adware or spyware can be installed in the computer with out you knowing about it.

2. The computer is full of unnecessary files. When browsing websites, cookies can be stored in the computer and when it is accumulated it can take up a lot of hard disk space.

3. Corrupt or malfunctioning applications. There are programs that have executable files running in the background and cannot be closed. This can result to a very high CPU usage.

Since these problems are very common today, there are different ways on how to speed up PC completely free. The tools used are free and some are already bundled with Windows operating system.

Here are the different ways on how to speed up PC completely free:

1. Clean up disk space. Cleaning up disk space will help the computer operate faster. The Disk Cleanup tools will check for files that can be safely deleted. Usually, it checks the temporary files folder; recycle bin, cache and the like. Then after checking the necessary locations it will present you with an option if you want to delete the selected item or not. The Disk Cleanup tool can be found in Windows operating systems under Programs>Accessories>System Tools. The tool performs the following:

– Delete temporary Internet files;
– Delete downloaded program files;
– Clean up recycle bin;
– Delete Windows temporary folder;
– Delete Windows components that are not necessary.
– Delete programs that are rarely used.

2. Disk Defragmenter. This is another tool that will help speed up PC completely free. Again, this tool in available in Windows operating system. Though, this method takes much longer. What is does is that it looks for a file in the hard disk and if it is open then it will put it together. This tool basically makes sure that each file and folder holds only a single hard disk space. So that the hard disk space will not have chunks or sectors that are not occupied.

3. Monitor and repair error in the disk. To be able to do this you need to run the Error Checking tool. This is needed because as you use the computer, bad sectors can occur. When there are several of these then saving files can be difficult. So if the tool is executed, it will search for these errors then check if the files are misplaced. After checking it will try and repair the errors.

There are a lot of reliable registry cleaner programs that will effectively clean out the registry from unnecessary files. This has been proven to improve the performance of the computer. These tools are easy to use because there are simple guides that will help you effectively speed up PC completely free.

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