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After some time, computers would become too slow that people end up with a silent plea that says, “Speed up my computer, please!” This is such a common thing that if you enter these key words in the search bar, you will get a lot hits and you end up with so many advices to read.

Reading through all those articles that came out as a result of your search string, “speed up my computer,” you will find out that there are common advices that you can easily follow. You might not need to bring your computer to the technician, after all.

One of the more common advices is to have the hard drive checked. There should be at least 20 to 30 percent of empty space there or even about 500Mb so that the machine can pull things up much faster.

Throughout the life of these personal computers, users like you will be downloading and installing so many software applications that you will only be using once or twice. When you’re done fulfilling your curiosity about the application, the program will be totally forgotten about. Although the users may forget, the file remains in the hard drive, eating up important space.

Uninstalling some of the programs that you don’t use daily or even monthly and those software applications that you have not used for 6 months or so would really create some space in our hard drive. These applications still run in the background, so they consume not only hard drive space but RAM or memory, as well.

So, if you’re pleading, “Speed up my computer,” then you can also start def ragging of your hard drive. Your computer’s response time will only improve if the hard drive is well organized. If the data in the hard disc is scattered, the machine will process or fetch information more slowly. Def ragging the drive puts together all data in a much orderly manner so that the blank spaces are placed together and those with information are compressed much closer to each other.

It will probably be best to do this task once every two weeks to properly maintain an organized hard drive. This will be a good solution for me if I were to ask help to speed up my computer.

Now if that doesn’t cut it, then there will be a need to ask again, “How do I speed up my computer some more?” Yes, through the use of registry cleaners, which are available for free in most sites. The registry is the central point where all the information on every little task you did with your computer is saved. This builds up in time and thus, contributes to the problem of slow computers.

The next step for you when you ask, “How to speed up my computer,” is to get a free registry cleaner that will effectively clean your clutter in the registry. Just run the application carefully and properly and you’d soon reclaim the speed you’ve had when you first turned on your computer after purchasing it.

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