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Computers are man-made machines. Because man is prone to error, it naturally follows that the things he makes also have the tendency to encounter faults in the system. While computers these days are more technologically advanced, they are still not perfect and thus still not free from flaws, including slow computer XP problems. In fact, it is because of the fact that computers are now more complex than ever that they are more likely to experience system errors.

There are many possible reasons why slow computer problems may occur. In general, these problems are attributed to the natural process of aging that even computers, which are non-living things, go through. Thus, with time, wear and tear can cause the gradual deterioration of any computer and the programs that run it, including the globally popular Windows XP. Specifically speaking, however, there are a number of factors that contribute to the wearing and tearing of a Windows XP computer. A slow running computer can be annoying and frustrating, which is why it is of utmost importance that the causes of the slowdown be fixed right away. The good news is, you don’t have to spend anything for computer repairs – you can do them all on your own.

If you have a computer and are experiencing slow computer XP problems, one of the most basic things you should do to is to take a look at your folder for currently existing temporary files. This is the folder that contains your Internet browser’s history and cache, that part of a computer where websites or web pages are each stored as individual files. When your temporary files folder gets full, your computer encounters difficulty in organizing the files it holds. It is vital to the recovery of your computer that said folder be emptied as soon as possible, and this should be observed on a regular basis – just as you should do with your recycling bin. Remember, just because you delete a file – a program or an application – doesn’t mean it’s no longer in your computer system; it is only actually transferred into the recycling bin. To permanently get rid of unwanted and unnecessary files that can cause slow computer XP problems, empty your recycling bin regularly.

Another area of your computer that you should check to solve your slow computer XP problems is your start-up menu. There are programs that, when installed into a computer system, have the ability to be run directly upon start-up. This option is in fact present in most programs that are being used and developed these days. To help your computer regain its original speed, delete said option of programs so that they won’t have to be run right after you turn on your computer – because this wreaks confusion in your computer system. In line with this, avoid clicking on programs when your computer has just powered up. Wait for your computer to complete its start-up process before opening any programs or typing in further instructions.

These simple tips are enough to remedy your slow computer XP problems with no charge at all. For best results, experts recommend getting software that cleans up the registry in order to keep slowdown troubles at bay for a long, long time.

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