Reverse Cell Phone Search — Free Search Techniques to Find the Owner Name

Want to get a reverse cell phone search free?  Use some special criteria and the most popular social and selling sites to see if you can find the name and owner of a cell phone number without having to pay.

Because there is no free reverse cell phone directory, the only way you will find this information without paying a fee is to do some unique searches on the web.  If the owner of the cell phone entered their information online anywhere that the web would index (store as searchable content) then you can find the information by trying to dig it up with a search request in your browser.

Reverse Cell Phone Search Free

The first, and easiest method, to find this information is to simply type all 10 digits of the phone number into the search engine and see if any of the returned results show you the name and address of the person you are looking for.  Search engines return results based on the best match of the information you entered so complete matches will show up first, then the next closest matches and so on.

Sometimes, though, what you get is a long list of results that show nothing but phone numbers, appear to have information about the one you entered, but really have no helpful name info at all.  These results clog up your search making it more difficult to find what you are after.  No one really wants to go through 100 listings to see if any of them will yield a name or address for that number.

To narrow your reverse cell phone search free results to something that might have some meat to it, focus on the sites in which people are most likely going to enter a phone number.  With more people than ever before using just their cell phone as a point of contact and giving up land line phones, more and more of this information will pop up on the internet over time.  If the person you are looking for is one of the 20% of US citizens who have opted away from land line phones and if they have entered their cell phone online anywhere, then these focused searches might cough up the info you want.

Think of the types of sites where people network, offer products or services, or list items for sale.  These include sites like eBay, Craig’s List, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and even classmate and alumni sites.  To confine your search engine search to just one of those sites add the following text after the phone number in your browser’s search field:  site:sitename – where site name is the domain URL for the site you want to search.

As an example, let’s say you want to lookup phone number 999-99-9999 and you want to focus on just LinkedIn.  You would type the following into the search field:


The results you get will include only matches to that phone number on the site you specified.  If there’s a match, you’ll find it immediately.  If not, you’ll be given some message explaining that no information could be found.  This saves a lot of time as compared to simply typing in a phone number and wading through all of the hundreds of useless results you would normally see.

These searches won’t always give you the name and address of the cell phone owner.  If the person has not entered that information online anywhere, then the only way you are going to get the information is to pay a reverse cell phone search directory to get the owner’s name.  The reason is that consumers heavily guard their cell phone information, much more than they do their land line info.  Since cell phone minutes usually have a fee attached, no one wants to put their number out there only to be hit with telemarketing calls or prank calls and also have to pay for those minutes.  Laws currently restrict the publication of that information, as well, so these third party directories have to go to the trouble of buying and collecting this information and paying to store it so that others can access data when needed.  To recover their costs, they charge a fee.

If the cell phone owner you are looking for, though, has ever participated in a site in which they needed or opted to put their contact information and you use these customized searches to find the information you might luck into a reverse cell phone search free that gives you the name and address of the person you want to know more about.

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