Nine Star Image & Its G & G Product Line

A name that is certainly growing more and more in popularity in the aftermarket manufacturing side of the printing industry these days is none other than Nine Star Image. Nine Star Image is the brains behind the G & G product line of printer ink cartridges, toner cartridges, refill inks, photo paper and other remanufactured printing products.

What makes Nine Star Image and its G & G product line stand out from among other aftermarket manufacturers in the printing industry? Perhaps the answer to this lies in the technology used in their products that is unique to Nine Star Image as well as in their aggressive “Fair and Square” intellectual property policy.

Nine Star Image’s Eco-Saver System

Nine Star Image implements a system that they call the Eco-saver System in the formulation of their remanufactured inks and printer ink cartridges. The Eco-saver System is a way of maximizing the life of a printer ink cartridges by simply refilling it for as long as necessary with the use of refill kits.

The printer ink cartridges that Nine Star Image comes up with is said to be extremely cost-effective in that no ink is wasted in the use of these printer ink cartridges. That is because Nine Star Image has done away with the sponge that is a common feature among other types and brands of printer ink cartridges. Thus, with Nine Star Image’s G & G printer ink cartridges, none of the ink is wasted on a sponge.

G & G EverBrite Pigment Ink

Another notable feature of Nine Star Image’s G & G product line is the use of what they call their EverBright ink. This line of G & G printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges are pigment-based and therefore very durable and very resistant to fading due to exposure to light and the elements. But while most pigment based printer inks are not known for vivid color ranges, the G & G EverBright ink has managed to deliver prints that are not only very resilient but also display sharp images with vivid colors.

Nine Star Image’s Aggressive Intellectual Property Policy

Nine Star Image makes it a point to respect other company’s intellectual property policy. But it is also just as aggressive as protecting its own inventions and patents. The company has dedicated an entire team just to be responsible for monitoring violations to its intellectual property rights as well as to watch out if the company itself is infringing other companies’ rights with whatever variant of their G & G product line.

The G & G product line of Nine Star Image includes toner cartridges, toner kits and bottled toners; remanufactured printer ink cartridges for all formats; cleaning cartridges and refill kits; paper and other accessories.

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