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Have you ever wanted to locate a cell phone user?  Maybe you lost touch with an old acquaintance, or just wanted to stop some prank phone calls.  Whatever the case, there are now directories that can give you personal information behind almost any cell phone number.  

Before we get into that, I should let you know that there are free methods to try and gather the same kind of information that reverse cell phone directories provide.  I have never personally had had any luck with them, but here are a few you can try and maybe your luck will be better than mine.

Well, the first thing you could try is consulting the White Pages, either through the phone book or getting on their website online.  This method will work just fine when tracing landline home or business numbers.  These numbers are considered public information and if the number is listed then your problem is solved.  

But if you find out that the phone number is from a cell phone, White Pages will be of no help to you.  Why?  Cell phone numbers aren’t a matter of public domain.  Major cell phone carriers own and control these databases and are under no mandate to share them with the public.  What the cell phone carriers have done, though, is lease this information to third party websites, who then turn around and sell the owner information of cell phone numbers to anyone who is willing to pay a small fee.  

There is no getting around paying this fee.  I have tried myself on a number of occasions before I finally came to this conclusion.  I tried websites that advertised cell phone number owner information for free, only to be disappointed at the end my search.  The information was going to cost me money.  The search may have been free, but the results were not.  By that point, after having been lied to at the outset, I wasn’t going to trust the validity of their data from those sites.  

So, now I know that White Pages cannot give me information behind cell phone numbers and that sites that do offer this information will have to charge a small.  Once I know this, it becomes a matter of choosing a reputable web site that provides up to the minute data, lets me search to know if the number is maintained in their database, has a money back guarantee, has a customer service department that is always available and responsive should I have questions or problems, and discloses up front what the actual fee is.  Most times, the cost should be less than a pizza.  If it costs anymore than that, move on with further research.  One of the best and most popular directories to locate a cell phone user is listed below.

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