Legitimate Online Surveys – How to Make $2000 Per Month With Paid Surveys – No Website, No Selling

Over the past couple of years, global companies have spent millions of dollars to conduct surveys. They want to collect the opinions of their consumers. They use this data to improve their marketing strategies and ad campaigns. And it creates an opportunity for an average person to earn some real money online without doing too hard work.

So, how can you make $2000 per month legitimately with paid survey sites?

If you do a couple of things in a proper way, then you can easily make $2000 per month with paid surveys.

There are 100s of legitimate paid survey sites are available for you. They conduct surveys and offer you to get paid. So, the first thing you need to do is to find lots of legitimate paid online survey sites. You have options to find them on Google or save your time by investing a little money on any legitimate survey directory. Those directories share their legitimate survey site lists with little charges. It will be worth the money you invest because you are going to make $2000 per month.

Second thing you need to do is to create a Paypal account because most of survey site pay only via Paypal. Also, set up a new email account for surveys.

If you join more than 200 legitimate paid survey sites, then you will receive 5 to 10 or more survey invitations daily. A typical survey offers you to get paid anywhere from $5 to $20.

Some sites also offer you to join their focus groups. You should join focus groups because you will make much money by participating in a group discussion. You may expect $50 to a few hundred dollars for each group discussion.

So, if you take 5 ten-dollar surveys each day, then you can make $50 each day and $1500 each month. Further, if you participate in 4 – 5 focus groups each month, then you can easily expect to earn extra $500 per month. Overall you can expect to earn $2000 per month from doing online surveys. But also bear in mind that your earning potential also depends upon your dedication, effort and demography.

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