How to Speed Up My Computer Free of Charge

There are many ways to speed up your computer, but have you heard about getting these steps for free? Keep reading as we expose the most effective ways proven to speed up your computer free of charge.

Stay away from trash. All accumulated files and fragmented data that are stored in your system definitely count against your available hard disk space. This means that the more trash present in your system, the slower your computer performs. The idea of how to speed up your computer free is analogous to arranging books in shelves. If the books are properly arranged, they are more compact and you can retrieve them as fast as possible because everything is in its proper order. The same thing is true with computer files. The amount of disk space plays a critical role in the availability of RAM, which is the key component to assessing whether your computer is performing fast or slow. In such cases, a more compact and organized hard disk will mean that the computer will find it easy to fetch instructions and processes that would be necessary for a certain program to run, and this will speed up your computer free, without purchasing anything. The faster the computer fetches these data, the faster your computer appears to work for you. Likewise, if your system is fragmented and there are too many missing files and registry entries that make programs unusable or malfunctioning, expect that your PC would appear to run very slowly. Therefore, empty your recycle bin, clear the cache and internet files as often as you can.

Practice defragging. As mentioned earlier, it is very important to keep your hard disk space compact and its entries should be arranged in a systematic order that your system can easily comprehend. Such order can be possible by performing a process run by the Disk Defragmenter, a built-in process installed in any of the Windows Operating Systems that enables users to manually arrange their fragmented files in order to achieve an organized and compact hard disk. To speed up your computer free of charge, this process may take a few minutes, depending on the total disk space that your hard disk can handle. For best results, it is recommended that you terminate all Windows-related processes while the Disk Defragmenter is currently running in your system. As the process completes, you will see a detailed report of the amount of fragmented files that have been successfully defragged, which means that these files, including missing registry entries, common files and other data types are being arranged in an orderly fashion that your computer will find very convenient to adopt in fetching information and processes.

Install a good registry protection software. Finally, these manual processes would not bear any fruit if you let your computers vulnerable from any form of outside threats that are waiting around the corner. The best way to speed up your computer free is to install the best registry protection program that will keep your registry secured 24/7. Regularly scan your computers to detect virus threats that can harm your PC and update the software regularly.

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Disk Defragmenter (Windows).
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