Handheld or Portable Digital Oscilloscopes

When you work in the fields, such as electronics, field service work, do you have a feeling that can not live without a handheld or a portable digital oscilloscope. When you have got one, you will definitely think that it is necessary in the work as it can bring so much convenience. These handheld digital oscilloscopes are so portable and durable that can survive your tool box and make your work easy.

Oscilloscopes are used to observe the waveform of an electrical signal. An oscilloscope can display the amplitude and distortion of the signal, count the time between two events, and tell relative timing of two related signals. From analog to digital converters, we can collect more information about the signal, today.

Oscilloscopes are commonly used in sciences, medicine, electronics industry and so on. General oscilloscopes are used for testing the electronic equipments and laboratory work. However, some oscilloscopes are special used for analyzing automotive ignition systems, displaying electrocardiograms. Handheld or portable digital oscilloscopes can capture the events which occur only once. They can storage the waveform information and show it out. At the other hand, they can send the information to other device for analyzing it.

A handheld or portable digital oscilloscope is really a device which pays for itself several times over. Handheld digital oscilloscopes are made possible by the increasing electronic capability. Portable ones are mostly used in electrical and electronic where not in local or control the industry system. Portable or handheld digital storage oscilloscopes are providing the reliable backing for the people who work in the field service. They will definitely instead of the heavy weight oscilloscopes as they are cheaper, higher performance, lighter weight. Just like the notebook are popular with the businessmen, have replace the large old-fashioned desktop oscilloscopes.

Oscilloscopes have transformed into a versatile instrument from a simple voltage measuring box. In a word, the oscilloscope industry is taking oscilloscopes to a higher platform so that can make it more convenient and user-friendlier.

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