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Shareware registry cleaner software is an application that anyone can download for free but only for a limited time or better yet it is referred to as a trial version of applications. These kinds of applications can only operate with limited functionality and when you want to make use of the all the features or functions of a shareware registry cleaner then you need to purchase the full version or a license key to make it a full version registry cleaner.

Shareware registry cleaner software will help you get a glimpse on what it does. A lot of people are downloading shareware software to see if the application is able to perform the functions that they are looking for in registry cleaner software. This also helps people save their money because back in the days there are no trial versions so people are forced to pay for software only to find out that it does not do what they expect it to do.

Cleaning the registry is an important operation or task to be performed and registry cleaner software does the job. Antivirus software may not be enough to protect the computer from virus infections. Shareware registry cleaner software is very useful when the user immediately needs something to clean out the registry when the antivirus software is not able to do it. Though it has been mentioned that it does not able to use all of its features but most of shareware registry cleaner software are able to the job of cleaning the computer from unnecessary files not just the registry. It can also delete cookies and temporary files where malware or virus can reside. The registry needs to be cleaned because malware can also change and create its own registry entry. The registry entries are also used by malware to restore itself if ever its files are deleted from the computer. Though you must make sure that the registry entry you are about to delete is not used by other programs.

But once the time has already expired for then it is time for you to either register it or purchase its full version. Only the important or minor features are enabled in trial version applications. Software companies also provided trial versions for the reason that they do not want their customers to be returning their product and asking for a refund when the software did not work. This will be a huge drawback for them and it can ruin the credibility or reputation of the company.

Shareware registry cleaner software back in the days is available in floppy disks but today it can be easily downloaded from the Internet. You must be careful though when downloading trial versions from because some virus authors use it to house malware. It is the most common tool used by hackers or virus authors. Once the trial version is installed in computer the virus is also executed in the computer. Before downloading it is better to read first reviews or comments from other users because this can save your computer from further damage.

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