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Free computer clean up often does not even require additional installed programs. Aside from the numerous System Tools often found on computers (Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragmenter, etc.), some of the most practical ways to clean your computer involve simple program and file management. You see, the programs and files that often slow up a computer are often not particularly hard to locate.

Sometimes the source of computer slowdown will be a software program containing Adware, such as those listed by Wikipedia, and including such names as Viewpoint, RealPlayer, Kazaa, and AOL Instant Messenger. At other times, the source of computer lag may actually be an anti-virus program. Norton/Symantec is particularly infamous for its disruption of computer speeds, with McAfee problematic as well. Furthermore, your system has to use its resources to run programs, so the more programs you have running, the more taxed your computer will be. You may want to consider uninstalling larger programs or limiting the number of programs which start up automatically.

Furthermore, files containing viruses, Spyware, and Adware, often like to hide in certain folders, namely the Temp folders, Temporary Internet Files folders, and Cookies folders. For this reason, you may want to go through these file folders (in Windows, simply right-click the Start button and go to ‘Explore’ then browse to C://Windows or C://Windows/Profiles) and delete all Temp files and all cookies for sites that you don’t trust.

Afterwards, you should consider installing the following programs for additional clean up, and to ensure your computer stays clean:

– Spybot Search and Destroy: Scans for harmful files and programs, while also utilizing a firewall to protect your computer from unwanted changes.

– Ad-Aware: Scans your computer for harmful files and programs.

– Glarysoft Products: Registry Repair is useful for fixing non-working links, while Glary Utilities provides tools for fixing and speeding up your computer.

– RamBooster: Speeds up your computer by allowing you to force the computer to free up memory by deleting unneeded files.

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Spybot – Search & Destroy.
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