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It happens all the time; someone calls your cell phone but doesn’t leave a message.  As long as the number showed up, you can use a reverse cell phone lookup to track down your mysterious caller.

For single women or parents of children carrying cell phones, this ability can ease the mind and provide additional safety.  It can’t be stressed enough just how vulnerable children are when they get their first cell phones, and as a parent it is your job to monitor usage.

The Challenges of Free Cell Phone Lookups
If you have spent any time searching reverse cell phone lookups online, you know that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Many companies pretend to offer a free cell phone lookup service, but the information they give you free is useless and frequently wrong.

Just for fun, I checked my son’s cell phone number on several of these services. Most could cleverly identify the state, something anyone could do with an area code directory.  The problem was that almost all sites identified his number as a landline.  WRONG!

Why is it So Hard to Find Cell Phone Numbers?
It is difficult to obtain cell phone numbers for a reason.  Since you pay for both incoming and outgoing calls, you essentially buy yourself some privacy.  There have been movements to create a public cell phone directory, but the propositions are met with resounding failure.

The only way to get consistent access to the information is to join a cell phone lookup service.  

Why You Want to Look Up Cell Phone Numbers
The stories keep appearing in the news, and frankly they are rather concerning.  Child molesters learn the prefix for cell phones in a particular area and keep dialing numbers until they get a kid who is willing to chat.  It doesn’t take long to suck them into something that is dangerous.

As a parent, you should be keeping a very watchful eye upon the people with which your children speak.  At first, it is likely that most of their conversations are with you or their best friends, but very soon, their virtual world branches out.  It isn’t unusual for kids to text over 10,000 messages a month.  Don’t you want to know who is in contact with your kids?

The best way to keep tabs on who is calling, not just your kids, but you as well, is to sign up with one of the reverse cell phone lookup services.  The safety of your family is priceless.

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