English Grammar Checker Programs: Which are the Best?

Writing properly is a skill very much in demand in the world today. The person who can best communicate his or her ideas with a minimum of grammatical errors will usually get the best job available out there. Clear communication is the key; and misspelled words, grammatical mistakes, poor writing style, and wrong sentence construction all work to muddy up any attempt at getting a clear message out. This is why English grammar checker programs are so important. They ensure that whatever comes out of the computer is good enough to be read and easily understood by the readers. But which is the best program?

There are many such programs available in the market today. Microsoft Office comes with a built in English grammar checker, but it doesn’t hold a candle to commercially available grammar checkers. These programs do not come cheap, though. Some of the cheapest come at around $30, but they are not as fully-featured as their more expensive competitors. The most expensive come at almost $200, but some of these lack many of the standard features of the other programs.

Middle-range programs seem to provide the most value for money of the available programs, although at around $80 to $100 these programs represent a substantial investment. While these may appear to be steep prices for simple English grammar checker programs, a look at the features of these applications may justify the high price. They can identify common grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, misplaced punctuation, and overused words and provide feedback regarding the mistakes which were detected. They also provide suggestions regarding writing style, checking redundancy, use of passive sentences and wordy phrases, and the overall clarity of the document.

They have a dictionary and a thesaurus, although some also come with a grammar guide. Some are better at catering to multi-lingual users, though. All can be integrated with popular word processing software, but some can be used with other applications such as email programs and web browsers. It is an even contest, so it may all come down to price. When faced with a choice between these English grammar checker programs, go for the ones with low prices but still provide most of the features needed for better English writing.

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