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Dsi R4 card is a cartridge which will allow you to play the Nintendo games on your Nintendo DS. R4 card is used not only for DS or DSI games too. Basically, the micro SD memory card will be used to store your games or Mp3 and other applications while the R4 DSi will be used to play games on your Nintendo DS. This Nintendo DSi R4 card is exactly like a regular DS card. You will need to drag and drop the files which you want to play in your DSi R4 card. So here it is, easy and simple to use. Not only games but listening to music files or watching your favorite movies and much more is possible using the R4 card or the R4 DSi card that we call. Thus the R4 revolution for the DSi games has already begun so go and join the crowd.

Whether you buy R4 firmware or any R4 Ds or R4 Dsi cards, always buy it from a trsuted place. The quality will be guaranteed and you won’t regret buying it from this place. Purchasing electronic goods from an online store is also a good option. Many websites are very simple to access and surf. They have this search tab where you can type the name of the product you are looking for. For instance, you can type the R4 ds or R4 cards in the search and get a list of devices related to it.

You can also purchase them from a nearby electronic store. Many online stores offer great discounts and if you’re lucky, you can purchase the same device at a much lesser price.

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