A Review of Verizon No Contract Cell Phones

There are many differences between having a cell phone with a contract and a no contract pay as you go type of deal. Companies make contracts that have plenty of rules and fine print that the buyer of the plan often oversees. Verizon’s No Contract cell phones do not do this. Verizon has clear lines what is and what isn’t being charged on a daily or monthly basis.

Contracts are normally bundled packages of certain phones with plans that go along with them. Once the buyer has signed a contract with a phone company, the plan lasts a certain amount of years. The usual is two. What the buyer doesn’t know up front is that if something goes haywire with the phone and must be replaced (paid for by the buyer) this term will renew it. So, a new phone adds another 2 years to your contract.

This obviously does not happen with Verizon No Contract Cell Phones. You pay for the phone you have to replace and just talk to customer service to transfer your number. There are no cancellation fees. Other companies who offer plans do not want you to leave and force you to pay a cancellation fee, often no less than 200 dollars. That’s almost 400 dollars by starting it or ending it.

There is a myth that being on a contract means you get better service; this however is not so. The same operating system is used for both contract and prepaid phones. Verizon No Contract cell phones have plans that you pay per month, per day or with minute cards. This makes it easy to fit your budget and keep up with your life. It also makes it an excellent choice for parents buying a cell phone for their teens, only paying for what you want them to use.

Wanting to replace your older model with a new model cell phone through their prepaid choices does not mean you have to pay more. The plan you have stays the same, unless you decide to get a phone that has web browsing capabilities, then these are separate fees.

Purchasing a cell phone with a contract will cost more than you think. If this is your first time buying something that requires your credit check, there will be extra charges. First off, your credit is non-existent because it is your first purchase. You will be asked for a deposit, which will be a minimum of 200 dollars more or less depending on the cell phone company you are working with. Verizon No Contract cell phones are a one time buy deal. You buy the cell phone you like yourself and then pay as you go.

This service allows its users to reach directory assistant, 911 as well as long distance plans, caller ID, call forwarding, 3-way calling and even call waiting, and tons of downloadable features. Verizon No Contract cell phones let you get the services of a contract plan without the commitment.

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