2 Way Radios – the Best Walkie Talkie

Radio based phones that can send and receive voice signals have become the rage in the world of wireless communication. While they are similar to mobile phones, the condition with such radio phones is that you can either receive or send voice signals at a given time.

The 2 way radios popularly known as walkie-talkie have a push- to- talk or (Press to Transmit) button to activate the transmitter. There radios can be classified into 2 categories: the first type operates on Family Radio Service (FRS) and the second operates on General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). For personal use, FRS radios are used and they are inexpensive as compared to GMRS. If weather permits, they can transmit signals within a maximum range of 2 miles. GMRS radios, on the other hand are more expensive, but have a higher connectivity range and can transmit signals to a maximum distance of 10 miles.

These radios come with several features. These features include the use of private code to protect the system from being caught by any other radio users, system of reduced eavesdropping and different ways of getting call alerts if a new message is on its way. Some highly efficient radios are endowed with features like barometer, thermometer, digital compass, AM/FM radio and GPS navigation unit.

These radios help the user to stay connected wirelessly. Not only that, they are cost effective too. Another benefit of 2 way radios is that they are very user-friendly. To add to that, their batteries are very durable and can be carried anywhere quite easily. Those parents who cannot afford costly mobile phones for their children can give them the radios for staying connected.

Interesting to note is the fact that initially these radios were being used only by the defense forces and police but now have trickled down to the masses and become hugely popular.

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