Totally Free Product Samples – Why Are Big Companies Giving Their Products Away?

It may appear unimaginable but you can get something for nothing! Product samples are continually given away absolutely free. Firms give away free samples in hopes that after you try their products you’ll be hooked and start to make regular purchases. Sample offers are a great way to try new releases and their small travel friendly size also make many free samples great for camping or long trips. Try putting cosmetic and hair care samples into a new purse before wrapping it. Try adding tea, coffee or break samples to a basket. you most likely will not find any valid offers for free flat screen televisions, free mp3 players or completely free holidays. Many of those free samples you can get right through the mail. Some of the excellent products you can find free sample offers for include : breakfast cereals, granola bars, cookies, soda, tea, coffee, dental floss, deodorant, toothpaste, cosmetics and skin products, pet food, discomfort relief products and more. Many of those products have become favourites that I buy often.
to complete some legitimate free offers you may sometimes be asked to reply to a couple of questions or enroll in a newsletter. Usually questions are kept short and newsletters can be unsubscribed to. I strongly recommend setting up an appointed e-mail just for use when requesting freebies. A designated email will keep your primary mailbox from being filled up with newsletters and spam mail.

Quality freebie sites will post only the best valid sample offers. If you spend a bit of time browsing a trustworthy site you should find some great free samples. Be kind and request only what you’ll use. Happy sampling!
I like totally free product samples, but then again who doesn’t want to get things they normally buy for free? I became obsessed with getting free product samples when I was in school.

Thank Al Gore for the internet! After about four months of living on my own and suffering the life of a pauper I did a Google search which changed the way I thought about Tide and Totinos. I search for’free detergent,’ not really expecting to find much. But to my surprise, I found a number of websites giving the stuff away. They just wanted to send their stuff to my door, and I was more than willing to take it.

Now this leads directly to the real question, why are companies like Tide and Coca-Cola giving their products away? Are they that desperate for shoppers that they would give their product away for nothing. Of course not, actually, firms of that magnitude would potentially survive even the worst industrial depression. But they also like getting new customers and inflating their chunk of the market. Almost all of the people that buy brand name items are terribly loyal and will never change. So by giving away samples they can gain a residual client base that keeps them going robust, even in the event of tough commercial times or fierce product competition.

Is anything in life truly free? That is the question I asked myself before sending off for my first sample years back. And occasionally the sample would be escorted with a prepaid postcard/survey to fill out. But the majority of the time just having the product in my hand is all the promoting corporations want. Naturally, they also get free advertising. What do I mean? Well, almost any marketer will tell you, the best form of advertising is always recommendation by friends.

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Totally Free Product Samples – Why Are Big Companies Giving Their Products Away?

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Totally Free Product Samples – Why Are Big Companies Giving Their Products Away?


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