Creating Curly Hairstyles With Flat Iron

Flat iron is a boon to modern mankind. Before its invention, people with curly hair had to stick to frizzy and messed up looking hair styles. But now using a flat iron, curly hair can be made super straight.

Flat iron can be used for curling the hair too. All you need is a flat iron and a heat protectant.

First of all choose the right type of flat iron. A thin one whose plates is one and a half inch or lower than that is the best. If you have very rough and curly hair, then set the heat setting of the iron to a very high position. Wash hair properly and apply heat protectant cream or gel to reduce the bad effects caused due to excessive heat. Now use a blow dryer and completely dry the hair. Wet hair when ironed might get burned. While drying, use a comb to run through the hair. This will remove the tangles and make hair free from frizz.

Partition the hair into small sections. Now take 1 or ½ inch sections of hair (midway of the strand) at a time and twist the iron in the direction you want to curl the hair. By keeping this position, pull out the iron until the hair is free from it. Repeat the process until all the sections of hair are curled. Now finish by spraying a hair spray. This will help to retain the curl and also give an extra shine to the hair.

There are some points to be noted before you curl your hair. If you wish to grow your hair, then it is advised not to try this style. This process will slow down the growth of hair and hair loss may also happen.

The high heat of the flat iron can be damaging to the hair. Make sure to choose a flat iron with ceramic plates. This will reduce the damaging effect of the heat.

Get help in curling the hair at the back of your head, else there is chances of it getting burned. Don’t keep the iron at one section for too long. It can also burn your hair.

If you are curling wet or damp hair, choose flat irons that are compatible with wet/dry hair.

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