Have You Considered Plastic Wedding Plates?

Are you planning a wedding on a strict budget? Plastic wedding plates look formal and won’t break the bank. Divine disposable plates are elegant and can be found in any color or size. Your plastic plates can fit in perfectly to your dinner reception decorations.

Before you are able to order your plastic place settings, first figure out how large the guest list is going to be. Once you have made a list, map out the quantities of plastic plates you might need.

For a cocktail party, it is good to prepare two 7" plates per person for every two hours of serving. Add in toothpicks and napkins, and that should be sufficient for hors d’oeuvres. If you are offering a straight buffet, you should consider two to three dinner plates per person and one dessert plate. Remember that your guests will most likely go back for a second helping. A full-service or a plated buffet where there is a sit down brunch, lunch, or dinner may call for a few different plate sizes. When setting the dining table a single 10 1/4" plate is enough for the main course. You will need a 9" plate for a more informal meals, like salads or sandwiches. 6" or 7" plates are perfect for bread and butter, side dishes and desserts.

Plastic wedding plates look like china and can save your wallet. Chances are, this is the first wedding that you have planned. Like most brides, you are learning as you go along. There are so many questions and items to cover. Decisions are even more difficult to make when you have a small budget. Don’t stress, get help from professionals when ordering your plastic plates. They have experience to help you plan for your reception.

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