Your Teen Is Misbehaving: Is It Time For Boot Camp?

First of all let’s be honest. All kids are naughty sometimes and some kids are naughty a lot of the time. But is that misbehavior a bad thing? Is it just a case of kids letting off steam, sibling rivalry or just growing up? When your child is a toddler they will do certain naughty things. In elementary school they will test your patience in other ways. And as a teen they may get up to serious naughtiness. Just remember that a boot camp is there for a certain type of troubled teen.

If your child is simply being a kid then probably a boot camp is not required. But on the other hand if your teen is lacking confidence and dropping grades, if they’re running with a bad crowd or if they’re spending long periods of time alone in their room, then a boot camp may be a really good option. Remember boot camps and boarding schools are not there to punish but to help.

And let’s get another myth out of the way. Parents should never feel guilty about sending their teen to a boot camp. They are doing so to help their child and not to punish them. Remember a boot camp is a break for both parent and child and the camp sets out to be a circuit-breaker. Boot camps have a positive and potentially life-changing program on offer. You want your teen to return home a new person. That’s the aim of every boot camp.

But bear in mind that a boot camp is not for every troubled teen. Someone who is keen to push the limits and is high-spirited may be the wrong teen for a camp. But any young person with learning difficulties, a condition like depression or ADHD and any teen in need of practical therapy could well be an ideal candidate.

How do you know if your teen is ready for boot camp? Well in many cases it will be common sense or your gut feeling or simply your exhaustion at the rows and unreasonable behavior exhibited by your teen. By all means seek professional advice whether it is from your family doctor, the school principal, church leader or a child psychologist. But nobody knows a teen better than their parents – well almost no-one. If your teen is dropping out of school or life or their normal activities, then a boot camp could be the perfect solution. Give your child structure. Give them lots of physical and worthwhile activities.

When a teen gets into trouble, doing nothing is never an option. The right boot camp offers a short term solution but one which could have long term benefits. If it’s time to stop the misbehavior of your teen, then it may well be time to inquire about the services available from a good boot camp.

Don’t be afraid to take advice from the experts and don’t delay if the problem is such that you are seriously worried. A stay in a good boot camp could save your teen from some serious consequences and keep your family close-knit and happy.

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