Ways to Study the Bible by Topics

Even a casual glance through the Bible could strike you with information galore that you find brimming through the pages.  You want to christen your child with a name that is in the Bible. You literally just have to turn the pages and within 20 or so pages, you are most likely to come up with a name that is of satisfaction to you and your spouse and all the others concerned. 

The conduct of church and its activities like baptism, observation of pass over, false prophets and ways to worship are all there in the Bible. Is circumcision necessary? How do you go about becoming a priest? You do not have to look far for the answers. It is all in the Bible.  

Internet is a fine place to search for any information including Bible topics. A search engine is a wonderful tool that returns thousands of websites that has the word in them. However, you may end up with a lot of information; useful though, that may not be exactly what you were looking for. 

You need to be systematic.  A random perusal will not return satisfying results. It is quite possible you would have a generic sort of knowledge of a topic but the specifics would hardly be found by this method.  So, it is always good to seek the specific topic and look for it. Every passage in the Bible about a certain topic cannot be found easily. You might need hours and hours of search to do that. However, by this time, you might get tired and give up altogether. A search for love, for example will return 100s of 1000s of search results, even within the Bible. 

Love is the first feeling that God had granted man. He implanted love in Adam for his wife Eve and vice versa. Love is an all encompassing word and its universality is known to everybody. It could be between husband and wife, between siblings and even strangers. Man loves his pets and some pets love their masters with their life. 

The whole universe revolves around the love God had for his creation, man. He so loved mankind that he chose to send his only begotten son earthward to save the mankind from sin and its consequences. This love far outweighs the other kinds of love that the earthlings have (John 3:16). 

Roman 13:8 implores men to love one another. At another level, the Bible asks us to love our enemies too. Is this possible? Why not? Everything is possible if you have faith in God.  

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John 3:16 | Read it..
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