Want a Totally Free Tarot Card Reading?

Who else is interested in a tarot reading but doesn’t have a ton of cash to spend up front? Could you use some genuine guidance and intuitive life advice….But don’t want to travel a great distance or have to wait months for an appointment with a famous psychic? Are you really ready to discover the amazing power, and life changing potential of the tarot…..But simply don’t know where to start? If you said yes to any of the above, I’ve written this article with you in mind!

The BIGGEST mistake I made when I first got interested in psychic readings?

Believing that all psychics were created equal. That one network was as good as the next, and that a free reading was going to be better, by definition, than one I had to pay for. (after all…..FREE is supposed to be good, right?)

What I learned, unfortunately, was this…..

Many psychic services are a scam. Others may MEAN well….but the readings really aren’t up to snuff. After close to 20 years of psychic readings, writing and research, i can honestly say that only a HANDFUL of free sessions were worthwhile. (and they ALL came from one specific network!)

HERE is what I recommend BEFORE you call a free tarot ad….

First, understand that you are only going to get a few minutes for free. At most 10….and most likely, less than 7. (our recommended network offers 6…but those 6 are indeed very good) NEXT, understand that premium psychics DO deserve to get paid, and very few work for free for the public. This means that you CAN (and should) take advantage of your no cost minutes….but don’t expect that to continue on indefinitely…and DO be willing to pay for additional time if you are enjoying the information that is being brought forward.

LASTLY….remember do a little bit of due diligence BEFORE you call. Read the web page carefully. Understand the offer. Learn a bit about the service. Make sure you are comfortable with everything up front. And then….RELAX, enjoy yourself and pick up the phone! You may find it’s an experience you’ll NEVER forget. (and never regret to boot!)

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