Video Game Testers Wanted Urgently!

New video game testers wanted is a call that we are hearing alot more of now and the reason for this is because the gaming industry is growing bigger and bigger every year and they do not have enough video game testers to test all of the games are being produced every year!

If, like me you love video games, whether it is pc games or xbox,wii or ps3, and you have heard the cries from inside the gaming industries for “video game testers wanted” then you will no exactly what i am talking about! I never thought when i was growing up that i would be making over $100 an hour to do something i love!

If you have heard enough of the video game testers wanted ads and want to come join us and start a new career working from home and setting your own hours, let me give you a little advice…do not get scammed by the guys out there telling you they can get you into the industry for free because they can’t! We (pro video game testers) see it all the time and it gives our industry a bad reputation!

It is true that video game testers wanted ads can be found every where online and there are some great reputable companies to work for like mine (i’ve placed a link below) but like everything else in life you get nothing for free! To get your new career off to the best start you need to join a membership community of pro gamers, they are the ones who have put up the video game testers wanted ads in the first place!

Membership usually costs no more than $40, take it from someone who knows it is worth every penny! With membership you get access to every resource you need to be a pro video game tester and if it is membership community like ours, they will have contracts with over 50 gaming companies so that work is guaranteed!

Yes, Video Game Testers Wanted Urgently! is a call we are going to continue to hear for a while yet, feel like joining us?

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I hope you found this article on ‘Video Game Testers Wanted Urgently!’ helpful, if you want to find out more info on membership with a professional games testing community then i’d advise you to visit here Novogamers these guys only deal with verified professional games tester membership programs and usually feature great discounts & WICKED BONUSES!

Happy Gaming!


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