Today's Horse Racing Tips – Where To Look For The Very Best Information?

With today’s horse racing tips coming thick and fast from all directions, it is no wonder that people are overwhelmed with knowing which tips to follow! There are many good sources of tips, and sometimes they can be free but more often than not you have to pay for good information that can pay.

You can spend hours studying form, pedigree, stable strike rates during certain times of the year only to be left with a selection that for whatever reason underperforms! There is nothing more frustrating that watching a form horse go out like a light with a furlong to go. On the other hand there is nothing more rewarding that watching your selection storming to victory around the last bend with only one other runner to beat!

To make money betting on horse racing you have to back selections that have a greater chance of winning on the day than their odds suggest. Bookmakers are not fools, and the book with the over round is stacked in their favour from the off. This means just backing horses that can win is not enough, you have to know that you have value over the bookmaker, and that at the current price, your selection will win more often than the price indicates!

Many tipsters, correspondants and professional punters have a connection or two within the industry.For the majority of amateur punters, this kind of connection just does not exist. So where can you look to get the best of today’s horse racing tips?

Newspapers are often a trusted source and many of the major racing correspondents do have ties to certain stables. But that is one of the problems, certain stables! You will find a large inconsistency between some of the information given out. With one paper doing very well with runners from one yard, but having a shocking time of things with another.

Unfortunately, another downside to this source is that they are obliged to select a horse for every race on the card! Not even the most connected individuals would end up with a respectable strike rate having to do that!

On the internet? You can source much information online. Here you will find all of the commonly available tips that you may have found in the newspaper without actually having to buy the paper! Also there are many D.I.Y tipster league type sites, where amateur tipsters can compete with others tipping as though they were professionals. Some of these can be ok, the biggest problem is locating the best sites with the best tipsters. Also if these amateur punters work to form, without inside knowledge then their selections are liable to run inconsistently for whatever reason occassionally without explanation.

Another great source of information for today’s horse racing tips are racing tipsters. The racing tipsters that are in business and have a proven track records are more often than not well connected to stables and owners. These services do not come cheap, but if an information source makes consistent profits over time then it is obvious because of supply and demand that this will incur running costs.To warrent using this type of service you have to take your punting seriously, like an investment long term you are willing to have that expense as part of your turnover.

If you are only gambling occassionally, maybe just small stakes at the weekend then the paper or internet will be your companion in your war against the bookmaker.

On the other hand, if you take betting on horses seriously and intend on making it pay long term. Then there really is no better source for today’s racing tips than a quality racing tipster. You will have to learn to control your own quality staking plan and stick rigidly to what they advise. It is very possible to take your betting to that next level should you choose to source todays horse racing tips from a professional racing advisory service. No matter where you get your information, always record every single bet that you place and enjoy it more than anything.

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