The most popular tourist attractions in Mauritius

Mauritius, as one of the most incredible tropical areas on the planet, continues to entice tons of visitors from across the world. The amazing marine life, the magnificent beaches, along with the wonderful weather are only some of those reasons that make Mauritius often a certainty in the top travel destinations for people from Europe and other countries. This is further more established by the quantity of hotels in the island as well as the sheer quantity of travels offers just for the island.

For those visiting Mauritius for the first time, and even those going there yet once more, it’s worth knowing which sites are most popular in the island. It will ensure you don’t miss them and at the very least visit these as quickly as possible into your holiday. It would naturally be a real shame to fly up to Mauritius, which is still a 12-hour flight from areas such as the United Kingdom, and to miss on these very popular attractions.

The primary attraction is Mauritius is still its beaches. Mauritius is often said to have a few of the planet’s most beautiful beaches, and a single look at those will no doubt add you to the list of those travelers who only trust by those Mauritius beaches. The most popular beaches in Mauritius are Pereybere, Blue Blay, and Flic en Flac, which as you would anticipate, are constantly packed with people, tourists and locals alike. Hotels do have their own exclusive, albeit small, beaches in case you like less frequented spots.

Grand Bay
It is hard to talk about Mauritius without mentioning Grand Bay, the city practically entirely dedicated to tourists. Grand Bay is a town in the north part of Mauritius and is actually not that far from the most fantastic 5 star hotels Mauritius. It is quite close to Pereybere, which additionally clarifies why a lot of holidaymakers opt to go there for the afternoon meal and dinner after spending their whole time at the beachfront. Grand Bay is also acknowledged for its nightlife with an exceptional selection of clubs in addition to restaurants and bars.

Port Louis
Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius and is particularly the place to go for one of the best sample of life in Mauritius. The town of Port Louis, which is also the island’s main business area, is under no circumstances empty with individuals from diverse cultures (since Mauritius is a truly multicultural island) overloading the streets. Port Louis is also home to the Caudan Waterfront, which is the island’s largest retail center currently and contains the island’s best movie theaters.

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