The Law of Abundance – Exercises to Attract Wealth

If you’ve watched the movie “The Secret” or done any other work on the law of attraction, you’ll already know that you need to do things to attract wealth into your life. Much like hoping that you’ll get ripped or lose weight or kick a habit, unless you put some work in, nothing much is really going to happen. Here are some simple exercises to help you to attract wealth into your life.

1. Put triggers everywhere you can

These wealth triggers can be anything that you associate with wealth. Pictures of dollar bills, photographs of large yachts and mansions, piles of coins, you probably already know the kind of thing I’m talking about.

Put some kind of wealth trigger close to anywhere that you spend any length of time. Which includes the desktop background and the screensaver on your computer.

With the help of some of the other exercises, your brain will work in the background to help make these images come true in your life.

2. Repeat affirmations on a regular basis

If you don’t already have some wealth-generating affirmations, have a dig around the internet and copy some that strike a chord with you.

Type them up, print them out and refer to them regularly throughout the day. Repeat them in your head or – even better – out loud. Maybe record them onto an MP3 so that you can listen to them and let them work their way into your system.

3. Study wealthy people

There are plenty of success books out there. Make sure that the ones you read (or listen to on your iPod) are by truly successful people. Because you want to model what they do and, if possible, how they do it.

There’s no point in reinventing the wheel when you can learn from the wealthiest people on the planet.

Make sure to include Napoleon Hill’s study Think and Grow Rich as this has in depth knowledge from a series of very successful people.

4. Give in order to receive

The universe rewards those who help it spread its message of abundance. Much like the proverb of the talents in the Bible, if you try to cling onto whatever wealth you’ve already got, you won’t be able to grow it. Make a habit of donating at least some of your income to worthy causes. With no expectation of getting any return on that spending. If you haven’t got even a spare dime, donate some time instead.

5. Be positive as much as possible

It’s not always easy to do this but it pays off in spades. Make sure that you turn any story round so that it’s positive in nature. If you can’t do that, change stories or shut up.

Banish negatives from your life as much as possible. Start by turning off the news and not buying a newspaper or reading the news online. Negative stories sell news but they don’t do you (or anyone else) any good and they don’t help with using the law of attraction. So throw them out of your life whenever you get the chance.

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