The Compact Stationary Lap Pool

Swimming is a great activity in itself, a great sport, and a great way to exercise. Physiotherapists advise this in preference to other modes of exercise. You get your dose of resistance exercise when you swim. Ancillary damage and injury is minimum in swimming.

Having your own swimming pool is ideal if swimming is a prescribed therapeutic activity for you. But the cost of building one in your backyard is prohibitive. Besides, where’s the space?

Now you can have your cake and eat it too! You can buy yourself a stationary lap pool. This is a compact version of a regular swimming pool. Water is forced to move down the length of the lap pool, and you swim against this current.

A lap pool comes ready built in a variety of style and models. About 4 feet wide and 6 feet long, it can be located almost anywhere, even indoors! What can be more convenient? They can be installed above ground to avoid any digging, or in the ground – the choice is yours. The savings in cost and space is tremendous, and the convenience is priceless!

So how does it work? Water is made to flow along the length of the pool. You can control the flow of the water current. You enter the pool and begin to swim against the current. Swim enough to just keep yourself afloat, and heading into the current. This is a great way to get your dose of resistance exercise as well as cardiovascular exercise.

Increase the speed of the current if you want to do a fast lap, decrease it when you’re tiring. A hot-and-cold facility lets you adjust the water temperature according to the season. Alternate the hot and cold flow to get a massage while you’re swimming.

So you can see that the stationary lap pool is an ideal way to get your daily dose of swimming. Convenient, comfortable, compact, cost effective – it is the ultimate swimming pool product. Installation is a convenient half-a-day job, and the maintenance is as convenient.

In conclusion, a stationary lap pool is your best bet to a form of exercise which is deeply relaxing and pleasurable. All this is yours, at an extremely attractive price. If you like swimming, then just head out and get yourself a stationary lap pool!

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