The Best Snow Ghillie Suits

Do you love hunting and look forward to all the seasons for hunting? Then you would probably be aware of the importance of camouflaging. Ghillies help you blend in the surroundings very easily and they are not even detected by your prey! The hunters have to be very sly and be able to merge in the surroundings so successfully that you are able to hunt your prey. This is the reason of wearing the ghillies, as they break the human silhouette and the hunter can travel in areas completely unnoticed. Ghillies are used by law enforcement departments and the world military institutions. These suits are not just meant to protect your identity as a human being but also to deceive the prey!

There are various kinds of ghillies, and people can wear them in different environment settings like grasslands, woodlands, mossy areas, tropical areas, rain forests and marshy lands. But these are some areas that have been visited and revisited, for people who want to discover more wilderness, and the one time of year where hunting become a bit trickier, they can now head in the snows and start hunting. Thinking how can you I this?

Well, let me introduce you to Winter White Snow Ghillie Suits, that are now commercially available. They will now help you be able to go hunting in snowy mountains, which must have been your dream location. These suits are made of both from either burlap/jute and the synthetic thread.

It is very tough to find winter snow ghillie suits. There are a few companies that specialize in designing these suits. These suits are difficult to make as they have to be created completely white as opposed to the normal brown or green. And on top of that, jute is light brown in color and dyeing it to a white is a real problem. White color synthetic threads are available easily and that makes it easier to create these winter ghillie suits. There are just two patterns for the snow ghillies they are completely white and white with patches of brown. These suits do not have a base layer and even if they have a base layer, the color is not white. The completely white suits are utilized only when the hunter is in a region that is fully covered with snow.

The winter snow ghillies are made of synthetic thread that is very comfortable. They use the softest mesh available to design these suits. You can wear it over any t-shirt while you are in the snow and it is a guarantee that you will look like a snow man! The two color ghillies is great for the terrain that has partial snow. You might feel odd, when you see the two color snow ghillie suit, but this is a very good pattern as there are terrains that experience partial snow. These suits are found in a 4 piece set and are available in M, L, XL and XXL sizes. These suits have drawstrings around the ankle, hood, waist and the pants so that you can fit the suit tightly and snugly around you.

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English: Ghillie - shoes for irish dances. Français : Une paire de Ghillies, les chaussons pour la danse traditionnelle irlandaise. Polski: Ghillie - baletki do tańca irlandzkiego..
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