Sweet 16 Connecticut – Awesome Ideas for Cheap

If you are thinking of throwing a sweet 16 party and you are worried that you mom or dad may wreck it for you then there are a few things that you can do avoid problems. Number one is to cut them out of the planning as much as possible. However; to do this you are going to have to make good sensible decisions, so when you finally do present your final proposition to them, it is a sound package.

Find Sane Adult Chaperons

They are going to insist on adult chaperons and that is something that you aren’t going to get away from. There is no way you can talk them out of it either because they will look like complete idiots to  other adults to allow it. Also, if something goes wrong and one of your friends does something stupid they will be blamed completely if the party wasn’t chaperoned. So, ask around with your friends and see if one of their less crazy parents will chaperon for you.

Make Your Own Delicious Snacks

To keep the cost down make your own snacks for your party. Get some cake and brownie mixes and bake your own with them. Follow the instructions carefully and be sure to preheat the oven, so they don’t burn. Serve these things in a disposable plastic bowl with a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Get big quarts of soda pop, plastic cups and lots of ice for drinks.

Take the Time to Find the Best Party Venue

Stop in at your local fire station or police station and ask them where the best places are to rent for your sweet 16 party. They know where everything is where you live, so they will have lots of good ideas. After they give you directions call around to find the best deal, so you can have it ready to present to your parents when the time is right.

Keep a Cool Head

Before you lay the whole plan on your folks, it would be best if you sat down and added up the total cost as best as you can. Of course there will be some over runs but you can try to add some extra in for them. The idea is to make it look like a “responsible low risk” event that they can say yes to. If they are against it at first, don’t throw a fit. Maybe you can get some of your friends to talk to your mom or dad for you to change their mind.

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