Statues: Lions, Dragons, Angels, And Garden Gnomes, Oh My!

Statues are a symbol, a representation of a person, an animal, or an event. They are detailed and elaborate and provide insight to the past or are just fun depictions of daily life. Statues are also often seen in a town square or in an art gallery or museum. We gaze at the statues with awe and wonderment, gazing at their magnificence. But what if we are able to take statues and bring them into our homes? They may not be life size or grand, but they can certainly add a unique look to your outdoor landscape. Statues help give your garden or patio character and theme. With many different types of statues to choose from, I’ve selected a few styles that will create a dramatic and refreshing look to your already growing garden.

Animal Statuaries

Statues of animals give the backyard a playful and laid back look. If you’re an animal lover, collecting animal statues around the yard show your love and dedication to any playful creature. In essence, you may start your own “zoo” of animal statues. Here are a few animal status to consider adding:

Copper Lion Wall Sconce

A combination of classic and bold designs forms this majestic lion sculpture. Highly skilled, old-world artisans used modern techniques to create this intricately detailed piece. Each sculpture is made by hand in order to meet the highest standards of quality. A lightweight copper glass is coated with pure copper metal and then treated to produce a long-lasting and enjoyable work of art that will endure the elements of nature and withstand the passage of time.

Brass Dragon

Dragons are known to have spiritual importance and significance in various cultures and religions around the world. In Asian cultures, in particular, dragons are valued as a symbol of the ancient forces of nature, religion and the universe. Dragons are also associated with wisdom and are often said to be wiser than humans. This statue of a brass dragon will make a statement around your flower garden or pond. Made of brass and finished with a verdigris patina, this handcrafted statue will surely withstand the sun and the elements without having to worry about the color fading. It is also outfitted with the ability to include a water pump. The brass dragon statue displays a spray of water and is, therefore, perfect for ponds.

Sea Turtle

If you love the water and are a fan of creatures of the deep, then you may consider a sea turtle statue for your outdoor oasis. Sea turtles are graceful creatures that make their home in the sea, and will surface on the land to lay their eggs. This cast aluminum statue with a verdigris finish will immediately grab the attention of your guests.

Classical Statuaries

The classical era was a time period in which high culture and high art reigned. It is also known as the golden age, from the late 18th century to the early part of the 19th century. Here are a few examples of classic statues to incorporate into your outdoor environment:

Buddha Solar Fountain

Add a splash of Eastern flair with this Buddha statue. It also serves as a fountain, that operates by the rays of the sun. Considered to bring good luck if you own one, this Buddha solar fountain has water flow through the bronze-finished statue. Solar-on demand provides consistent performance even on overcast and cloudy days, using the patented technology combination of a battery and solar panel.  This esoteric Buddha will bring peace and serenity to any area of the outdoors.

Miracles of Heaven Statue

With the good book laid out neatly on her lap, the angel spends a brief moment to pray. She may be praying for peace, hope, guidance, and love. This statue is a highly detailed whimsical sculpture that will make your garden seem like a good place to reflect and meditate life. It has the appearance of concrete, but is actually cast from lightweight, durable polystone. Polystone is a weather durable resin material that maintains the intricate detail of the artist’s original sculpture.

Lady Buddha

In addition to the male Buddha, add a Lady Buddha statue to your garden collection. Buddha in modern culture is the embodiment of enlightenment through peace and tranquility. The stunning, yet serene Lady Buddha is handcrafted of durable resin that will withstand the outdoor elements. With an antique look, intricate detailing, and the portrayal of Buddha in a meditative state, this statue will add a sense of calm to your outdoor environment.

Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes were first introduced in the United Kingdom in the middle part of the 19th century  by Sir Charles Isham. He brought almost two dozen garden gnomes home, made out of terra cotta, home from a trip to Germany and decorated his garden with the little statues. Today, garden gnomes have become a popular outdoor accent to many gardens. They are beautifully crafted by hand and made out of weather resistant cast-stone resin. Here are a few kinds of garden gnomes that will be sure to add a playful look to your backyard:

Welcome to my Garden Gnome—he sits on top of the “welcome” sign, inviting all to enjoy the wonders of the outdoor garden

Gnome Reading Book—this gnome is obtaining all of the knowledge his brain can absorb.

Welcome Sign Gnomes—two gnomes carry a welcome sign with a tiny turtle to greet visitors new and old

Bird Bath Leaf Gnome—this gnome is carrying a leaf in anticipation of feathered friends to stop by and splash around

Laughing Gnome—always happy, this laughing gnome will be sure to make you smile.

Viewing a statue does not have to be done at a museum or park because you can now own one that is your very own. Garden Winds has a collection of statues for the animal lover, the art lover, and the silly garden gnome collector. Handcrafted with great detail and constructed out of durable materials, these types of statuaries will add wonder to an already magical garden.

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English: Buddha statue in Alappuzha, Kerala, India മലയാളം: കരുമാടിക്കുട്ടൻ.
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