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A conversion bus also known as a conversion shell or motor coach conversion, looks like a bus on the outside, in shape and size , but inside you never know what to find. Conversion used for numbers of purposes. Some conversion buses are used as mobile classrooms with complete desks, running water and bathrooms and other turned into rolling clinics. Some buses used for fearsome mobile command centers, bristling with communication and equipment.

Conversion buses have associated with high profile peoples like politicians, movie stars, business etc. but now the individual can also start investing increasingly for conversion buses as they can enjoy the comfort and luxury environment while traveling. There are many conversion buses are available in the market and you can find the best one according to your need.

One of the most conversion buses is the recreational vehicle. These bus often have more interior space than normal recreational vehicles that allow room for all your comforts in one huge and luxurious vehicle. The conversion bus also can take the form of executive offices, create a fully outfitted office that can be taken on the city road. Some exciting forms of conversion bus are party buses and limousine buses. These buses decorated in trend style and usually equipped with flat screen televisions, advanced stereo system and well-stoked bars.

The conversion buses can adapt to suit almost any purpose. If you have inclination and the financing to do so, anything you can imagine on the wheels can be put into a conversion bus. This time many company providing conversion buses. A division of the Volvo Company, Provost Car is a long time maker of quality motor coaches. These coaches are easily recognizable because of their tall window and extra headroom and are often sold as recreational vehicle.

Motor Coach Industries(MCI) is an American-based manufacturer of special buses, including conversion buses.MCI buses are popular and easy to recognize, and can be adapted for any need just like provost. The average cost for a conversion bus anywhere from $120,000 for small conversion bus to over $500,000 for a complete conversion on a provost or MCI buses.

Shuttle buses

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Bee-Line MCI 102A2 #934 deadheading in The Bronx..
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