Religious Lapel Pins and Custom Charms For Your Church

Custom made lapel pins and charms are small yet meaningful tokens that can be designed to promote and serve any house of worship.  Regardless of its religious background, using church pins can make a big difference in the way one group reaches out to others.

Christian-Center.jpgA church can easily spread the word about its organization and mission using custom pins. Religious lapel pins can be made to identify the different groups within a church or to represent the establishment itself. 

Long gone are the days of one pin fits all. Lapel pins are available in any size and shape that you can dream up. For religious organizations this means that the creation of a 6-point star, crescent or cross lapel pin is not only a good idea, but a producible one.

There is no doubt that every church, just like its members, has its own distinct character. To ensure that lapel pins portray the right image, there are several different pin styles. The most popular styles are cloisonné, soft enamel, and die struck lapel pins.  Respectively, each one offers its own unique look and feel of fine jewelry, remarkable details, and traditional appeal.

The color scheme of a religious establishment or event can be just as important, if not more, than some of the pin’s other design elements. Cloisonné and soft enamel pins are the best choices for lapel pin designs that require precise color application.

The single most beneficial design option for churches is there own custom text.  For example, a Bible pin can be created by simply including specific Bible verses and the establishment’s name in the pin’s design.

There is also the choice of adding charms, like danglers, to lapel pins and placing an inspirational message on it instead of on the pin. Custom charms can also be used as gifts for members of religious or Bible study groups when they complete specific passages or course work.

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By Caryn Smith from Lapel Pins R Us


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