Predicting How Much Retaining Walls Cost

The amount that retaining walls cost is fairly easy to calculate. If you’re using a contractor to perform the work, this is one of the jobs that seldom runs over budget. Provided that the contractor has experience working with retaining walls and that you’ve accurately assessed the work that needs to be done, there should be no major problem with determining a realistic cost. The most important factors will be what materials you want to make your wall out of and how much landscaping needs to be done to get the effect you want.

If you want very complex designs, retaining walls cost more. Walls that include several curves, bends and other features require more time and materials to build. If you’re making several levels out of a sloping yard, the retaining walls will cost a bit more due to the extra landscaping required. Making each level will likely take quite a bit of labor, and that means that the cost will increase. A very simple wall at the edge of a yard, however, is usually quite inexpensive to install. The materials will be the next factor that determines cost.

The materials you use will have a huge impact upon how much retaining walls cost. Concrete is usually one of the most economical materials available. Not only is the material itself relatively inexpensive, it’s also less labor-intensive to create concrete walls than it is to make retaining walls out of other materials. This means that concrete is a great option if you’re trying to cut costs. Bricks and masonry are more expensive in terms of material costs and in the costs of installing them. Because these materials require skilled laborers to work with, the labor costs may be much higher when you choose these materials. Many homeowners, however, consider it well worth the extra cost.

Wooden retaining walls are an interesting option. They can sometimes increase the amount that retaining walls cost compared to other options. Logs, timbers and railroad ties are all used for this purpose. This option is one that allows for a great deal of creativity. Depending upon which type of wood you use, the cost may be much higher or lower. If you’re consulting with a professional about the wall, be sure to ask them about the different materials available. There are many great options available for building a retaining wall.

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