Pilgrim Jewellery: Different Types of Men’s Collections

In past, jewellery worn by a man was a common thing. At that time men and women both adorn themselves to show that they are from the particular group or to show their status. But today jewellery worn by a man is a part of fashion or expressing his feelings. Due to the higher demand of fashion jewellery for men, more and more companies took interest in jewellery industry. Pilgrim is one of the leading companies as far as fashion jewellery is concern.

Pilgrim jewellery has been gaining popularity day by day since the day it was available first time in 1983. In these 25 years of business, pilgrim jewellery is always found sticking to its guns – launching distinctive and bold fashion items in market made from the high quality materials. Due to the demand of men fashion, Pilgrim introduced a wide range of awaited pilgrim jewellery for men in 2005. There were also other fashion accessories for men. Due to this step Pilgrim has become an unstoppable brand in the global fashion industry. But the fashion jewellery industry for women is much more stable than the men fashion jewellery industry because the fashion jewellery demand in women is very high as compared to the male jewellery. Pilgrim jewellery collection for women comes out after every three months but the men’s collection is released only twice a year.

There are multiple reasons for choosing Pilgrim jewellery for men. First it is more affordable than the other precious metal jewellery. Younger men choose this jewellery because it fits right into their budget. Men’s collection of pilgrim jewellery consists of cufflinks, rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Cufflinks – In formal wear cufflinks give an essential and wonderful look to men. Assorted materials are used in crafting cufflinks. These materials include stainless steel, gold, silver, wood, plastic and glass.

Rings – Rings are made in such a way that it looks masculine enough. Unlike the female rings, male rings are on the heavy-duty side. Designs and materials are used in such a way that it looks like a male ring. Some of the rings are in small size because it catches others attention.

Necklaces – Necklaces contain male chains, pendants and dog tags. Dog tags are the ones on which detail is engraved. Loose dog tags give a great look but some people prefer it tight around the neck.

Bracelets – Bracelet is the most popular jewellery item. Adding a bracelet in your outfit can add to your personality and style. Basically there are two types of bracelets in Pilgrim jewellery. One is the metal chain bracelet. Most people match it with the necklace they use. The other one is fixed bracelet that is usually known as men’s bracelet. Pilgrim jewellery bracelets contain different other materials like metal pieces, beads and leathers.

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