Outdoor Privacy Screens for Decks

Your deck is more than some scrap wood attached to your house.  It’s a place where you spend time with family, bbq, and observe the garden.  So why would you want to share such a special place and the experiences you have there with uninvited guests?  We all have need of such devices that offer shade, coziness, and protection our our eyes and the eyes of others from unsightly objects and places.  To the rescue comes an outdoor privacy screen just for your deck.

The feeling one gets when they step into an environment that is well engineered can be compared to a gratify feeling of accomplishment.  Especially if the observer is is the creator of this special space.  To watch the birds and the bees use your place of refuge as a playground.  To enjoy the presence of loved ones in the great outdoors.  Feeling the shade from the hot sun and perhaps the smell of a bbq grilling in the background all add to the fact that this is your paradise.  Let us take a few moments and help make your paradise a unique and special one.

Depending on the size of your deck or patio and the materials it is made from will determine the style of privacy screen you should install or place around your deck.  Each situation will be unique and should be.  Creativity is the key to making a house a home and a deck a real refuge.  As with any project proper planning is necessary.  Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and draw out your deck from a birds eye view and a view from your yard.  The ratio doesn’t need to be perfect.  This is just to help you get some generic and easy design questions out of the way.  Should you use lattice?  Will you need to install a frame?  How in depth are you willing to go?  Drawing your ideas out will really help to eliminate so of the easier mistakes to make before you actually get started.

For some people this may not work or you may not need to actually construct your privacy screen for your specific needs.  Sometimes just a specific area of the deck needs to be blocked off or divided from the rest of the deck.  For these specific needs it is much easier to buy an standing outdoor privacy screen than to build one.  I have found that rustic iron looks great for most needs and actually holds up the best in an outdoor situation.  The look of metal and wrought iron outdoors actually improves over time instead of degrading.  Giving the pieces a very antique look.

Remember to think creatively when creating your personal spaces.  Mass produced ideas and products create lazy and uninspiring atmospheres.  When you design your space stay away from the big box retailers.  You’ll thank me later.  Before you make any concrete decisions you may need to experiment with a few different styles and designs before making your final decision.  Once you take the first step and begin your project it will make a world of difference!

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