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Locating New York Giants Parking Passes

     If your heading to the Meadowlands for a New York Giants game you need parking passes.  If you don’t purchase one you’ll have to walk 2-3 miles to get to the new stadium.  Buying Cheap New York Giants Parking Passes can get you within a few hundred yards of the stadium,  If you’ve never been to the Meadowlands the traffic is terrible simply put.  This is one facet that people overlook.  Giants Tickets For Sale is the original source for tickets and parking passes.  Summer camp is located in Albany New York and this is when passes move quick.  Many Giants fans visit SUNY Albany for a mini vacation to see their beloved Giants and maybe take in a race at Saratoga or Concert at SPAC.  The majority of parking passes are sold early so don’t wait till the last second for your purchase because of supply and demand these go relatively fast.

Can I get Them E-Mailed To Me?

     The answer is YES.  But by getting them early you’ll end up paying less.  When the quantity goes down the price goes up.  They are priced very fair as well as the tickets they have available.  Every year when people buy tickets they always forget about the parking pass.  I’ll be the first one to admit that this is always last on my list to buy.  The parking pass must be seen on your rear view mirror.  It has a code on it and will be scanned when entering the Giants parking lot.  So please have it visible when your in line.  Also the new stadium has some new changes this year,  You will be frisked at the door so leave anything you don’t need in your car or you will be walking quite a ways to return the item to your car.  The parking lot has a new security system so no b/s will be tolerated,  There were to many car accidents in the parking lot last year so a new camera system is now in place.  afternoon starts are usually at 1pm, I’d get to the stadium lot roughly 2 hours before the game to get a good parking spot.  The tail gaiting party is one of the best in the NFL.  You will see people selling hats and t-shirts outside-now this is where you can also save money.  Giants apparel usually sell for 60% less outside so use your discretion and save some money on hats shirts pennants pens mugs whatever they have will be cheaper.  Have fun at the game but don’t forget your parking pass for the game.

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Cheap Giants Parking Passes


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